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Just think about my Speedo days and the start of my Lycra fetish

I was talking to a friend today who had asked how I started in this business. The reason I started Koala is because I could not buy the spandex Lycra suits and fetish designs I wanted to wear. They just were not made ,that is the short answer to the start of Koala. The real beginning was most likely my first Speedo when I cut out the lining as a teen and used it for swim class at my school. You have no idea how extreme that was then and needless to say if you cut out the liner of a Speedo you see almost everything when it gets wet. The start of a Lycra love affair. Hate to date myself but started watching The Runaways Movie last night, funny thing we all used to go to the same clubs and I new Joan and Cherie when they dropped Cherry Bomb ( For you boys in the know) The start of the movie with Dakota Fanning wearing those hot spandex pants that still get me aroused.

P.S  Kim in Australia drop me an e-mail I lost yours!

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Fetish Idea and link to newsletter

Here is a link to the latest Koala newsletter for March

Whole masturbating with myself last night(I think it was Woody Allen who said masturbation is sex with some one I love) an idea about a suit design that helps you with overall control for when you will ejaculate came to me. It is just a blur but the basic idea would have large hard beads connected to adjustable straps that would be set in pressure points under around and on top of the penis. We all know a few and maybe you could offer some placement feedback.  A design like this could be used for a number of things. First it could help teach you to prolong erections. It could increase the intensity of ejaculations and make sex even more fun.
I have been reading a book about Zappos a very good book. It talks about a companies core values and it got me thinking about Koala’s core values. A few that come up right away just off the cuff are getting our customers excited, expanding our own and our customers sexual adventures and getting men to show more skin!
I working on others!

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Wonder if it can get smaller?

If you stretch a shaft and do it consistently it will get longer. I wonder if you compress a shaft all the time if it will stay small? The thought occurred to me yesterday while is was enjoying a perfect lunch break around the pool wearing my custom Slut G-string, the pouch is half the size of the already very micro pouch. I both love the way it looks and the way it feels. So small, so exposed and so great looking. After an hour of having my shaft and balls in what can be described as a cock compactor when I peeled the suit off my shaft stayed at what must of been under a 1/2″ in length. Other then when I am in cold, freezing cold water and it becomes an inee I have never seen it that small and it stayed that way for a while. Very interesting. Wonder if I should create a g-string, thong and bikini the purposefully compresses the equipment? On that excerts way more pressure then a standard micro.

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More Vollyball and a question for you

First let me ask you a question. One I have asked before but need whatever you can give me.

Please e-mail me the sites you feel are most user friendly to order from.
Just trying to make easier to use. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.

Back to our game Saturday. I was happy to see the girls suits were almost as small as mine. The Work That Cock bikini really leaves your penis out there on it’s own to fend for itself. Sure enough jumping around, diving for balls bumping into cute butts my pouch was full to capacity. Lucky for me it does not take much to fill that micro pouch.  A couple more local girls came over and joined the game. One said to me she was sure I was European  seeing me wearing my bikini and was surprised to hear my non accent and see I was local. I said you don’t need to be from Europe to want a great tan. She smiled and agreed. We played for over an hour and it got competitive to the point that I wanted our team to win every game. I dove for a few shots that changed my bikini to a thong and by the end I was sweaty enough that parts of my pouch must have been see through. Not a big deal with this group as I found out later they were all use to visiting nude beaches. They loved it here but said how much nicer it would be if we relaxed our rules of nude and topless sunbathing. I whole heartily agreed. We exchanged e-mails and ended up having a great day. Too bad Sunday was back to cold or I would have met them down there again and would have gone micro g-string for sure!

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Bikini Beach Vollyball

Saturday was one of those awesome SoCal days. It looked like it was going to be a nice day so I headed down to the beach with a friend. He is strictly a shorts guy but I am working on him to convert. I decided to wear a bikini which is rare for me but we usually go for a run and a bikini works better for that. Still went very extreme with the Work That Cock Bikini. It made him blush. We got down there and it was just so nice and sunny. We wre laying closer to the Volleyball courts not my choice I am a closer to the water guy but it was fine. There was a group of what I guessed to be Europeans playing volleyball. My guess was based on the fact that the men were wearing either small boy shorts or Speedos not your typical USA boys, the girls were in smallish bikinis.
They were playing 4 on 4. It looked like fun but it’s a lot of sand to cover with only 4 on a team. One of the balls was spiked hard and landed near us. One of the girls retrieved it stopped and asked if we would join them.I was right they were European, Italian of which there are many that vacation in the area and it is what they were doing. My friend jumped up and said sure. It left me looking like a kill joy if I said no but playing in such a tiny bikini I knew everything would be showing. Jumping around in that would fill my pouch and I am sure I would get aroused, it doesn’t take much. I had no choice I had to play.

More tomorrow

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New designs, Newsletters and picking photos

Got an updated ETA on the new designs. As of this morning the girls tell me they should have stock of all the new designs for Spring by the 3rd week of March. We shoot half of the designs earlier this week using Gabe. We love Gabe because not only is he great looking with an excellent body and a rather huge cock but he is willing to try anything. He loves the anal suits and he gets off when using them. He is always hard and loves being penetrated. He is married but Bi. I get the feeling he is more into guys but who knows he works with our suits beautifully. I do the photography when we shoot for our site. After all these years I know what I want. We take a ton of photos and I get to take my time and pick the best shots for each suit. I admit that many times I pick the photos that give me a ping of excitement. Some are just so over the top they get me hard.
I think a shot should show extreme detail because A: we are proud of our suits craftsmanship B: a picture is worth a thousand words and C: our customers enjoy seeing great model shots. All said and done there are some truly amazing close-up shots of Gabe and his very ample equipment.

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Making micro suit headway

Tuesday I spent a couple hours with the girls going over new designs and went into detail about my idea for a micro suit smaller then anything on the planet. This is the one that would push the testicles inside of you and just have a tiny short shaft pouch n the same shape as a normal pouch but very small.
We cut some samples and I showed the girls how I wanted it to look. There is only one way to do it right and that is on a body which almost always is mine. I showed them how the balls can be pushed way up inside which surprised them. This was a team effort. Once they knew how the balls went in I had one girl push them up and hold them in so they did not slip out. The other held the fabric that keeps the ball in place the way I wanted it and I showed them how the shaft would look bent in half and covered with a tiny pouch. A week ago I had no idea if it would even work. After yesterdays mock run I am sure we will get it down in time for the Summer collection. Most likely a g-string and a bikini. I’m so excited!

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Male chastity

any tricks? hair removal and tiny swimsuits

My preference is to go hairless or at least not show any pubic hair when wearing tiny bikinis, thongs and g-strings. I don’t like seeing girls with their pubs poking out from under or around the sides of suits and I think we need to follow their lead. It makes the suits look their best and I think nicely trimmed or hairless guys look best. Do you need to remove all your body hair? thats a personal choice I think depending upon your look it can go either way with both looking good. Ones a bit on the fem side the other a more manly look. Both are hot. I have used almost everything when it comes to hair removal. Most of my pubes are gone for ever lasered into oblivion but there are still hairs that come back. I tweeze, shave and at times love a good Brazilian bikini wax. I would like to hear about your favorite methods and more so would like you to share any information you have about home hair removal units such as the new home laser units and what success you have had.

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Playing with new ideas

I am working on new ideas for summer. Our Spring collection is running a few weeks behind but should be out mid March. Would love to hear of any ideas you have. Here are a couple I am working on now.
I enjoy wearing the just about nude designs like the Slut G-String which has a very tiny pouch. My little cock fits great inside and I have seen much larger fill it up very well but the fit does become snug. I enjoy snug but many have asked for more room but the same awesome design. These designs come as close as possible to duplicating a nude tanning experience leaving virtually no tan line. We are working on a suit that will do just that but with much more room for a less snug fit and a pouch that will handle the largest cocks.
I find the anal area very erotic and love finding ways to expose it. We are working on a design that will be based on a Brazilian style bikini and if it works a thong too. This design will feature a small anal sleeve with a built in rubber/metal ring. Still working on the concept but the idea is to have the sleeve kept open in side you and to show off a small spandex covered gapping hole. Not sure if it will work but it should be fun trying on the different designs and seeing if we strike gold! A little crazy? maybe but we are always looking for excitement in our designs.

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