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Ultimate Micro part 3

So here it is. I am working on a micro that once you force the testicles inside yourself the suit will hold them up there and the bulge you see will be a micro bulge. It will just be holding your shaft but not in a penis shape. It will be a standard pouch size just on a very small scale, one I have never seen before. It will be my take off of a postage stamp style pouch. Insanely micro. It will be designed to hold the shaft bent down just like if the penis was draped over the balls but no balls. If your cock is very small it would just be pointing up but only if soft you were under 1″ or so. I have noticed that once the balls are tucked inside they can be detected as a bulge in your pubic area above your shaft. Since that area is covered with tan skin for most of us micro suit wearers it should not be a problem Small balls like the ones on my t-girl friend barely show a little rise in the area, larger balls like mine push up the area but hidden away is hidden away and I am hoping that this pushed up area above the balls will be a new exciting look.
Can’t wait to see if the idea works. It will be fun trying. Always on the hunt for the worlds smallest mens swimwear!

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Ultimate micro part 2

Just too long for one post so here we go with part two. It is hard to talk about making the ultimate micro bikini/thong/g-string without talking about fem suits. Fem styles like the Prostitute and Secret Wish are ultra micro suits but not in the same sense as a standard bikini micro. The fem designs fall into what we at Koala call male to female transformation suits. We are in fact trying to emulate, to duplicate the look of a vagina. Truly a beautiful thing but not what I am talking about here. In my mind any ultimate micro suit designed to show off being a man even it that showing off is th  penis either is very small or we are making it look very small but both you and everyone who sees you knows you are a man. No confusion. That means there needs to be a bulge.So how do we get the ultimate micro swimwear bulge?
The smallest suits we offer now that still show a bulge would be suits like the Slut g-string and bikini. These suits are designed so the bulk of the balls are pulled down out of site and the shaft space is severely limited.
This produces a great looking micro bulge. I like to call it a nude sunbathing experience suit because there are virtually no tan lines.  Here’s the rub. The micro suits we offer now are as small as you can get without a radical change. I know what the radical change needs to be but first you will get one quick story.

I do most of the photography for Koala. I know what I want and after all these years I have a trained eye for what we need. on occasion I will do a shoot for other companies if it is interesting and if I have the time. Last week I did a quick shoot for a t-girl escort site. The girl  was a young beautiful amazing fem tranny who if you passed on the street you would never know she has a little something extra down there. The shoot went great we did sexy poses and some hot nude stuff. I get jealous when a girl has a larger cock them me and this lovely early 20s girl with great tits and a hot ass was also hung very well.
Yes we had fun during and after the shoot but that is not what the story is about. Most t-girls know how to hide their cocks they are absolute pros. I wanted her to show me what she does. Like most t-girls she pushes her testicles inside. This was something I was not very good at until she showed me how she did it and then she did it to me. Wow this is the only way a smaller micro can be made.

Part 3  coming up!

Ultimate Micro bikini, thong and g-string

Part 1

Most of the ideas for suits come from my experiences and random thoughts about swimwear that jump in and out of my brain. Many of the designs we make at Koala are based on a  thought because there are no other suits made anything like our  most extreme swimwear. I am thinking about swim and fetish wear all the time and not because it is my job but because it is a part of my life. I got a couple of hours of beach time Sunday before the Super Bowl on my favorite beach in LA. Venice. I strolled down the beach wearing my micro loving the attention I get. Today I got a little tan time at my favorite pool. Talked to the mail lady who likes to check me out and had a interesting idea flow into my head. Like any other person with a passion for what they are doing I am always looking to extend the edge of the design bubble. A fisherman is always looking for the biggest catch, the stock broker the high flying deal, the scientist the big breakthrough. My goals are simple I want to make swimwear designs as extreme as possible.
I have come up with another idea for the ultimate micro suits. As most of you know my cock is med to small, I would say on the very small side. I will never be on the beach wearing any type of suit showing off my huge cock it is not in the cards and most guys are closer to my size then huge. We have suits to show off huge guys for that Oh my god! look and reaction from people. The Oh my god! reactions come from how small the suits are that I wear. I love micro and making my cock look as tiny as possible but still looking like a man. On occasion I will even use a fenm style suit which removes all indictions of being a man in the swimsuit area.
I do at times enjoy the full fem look but most of the time I go for the ultra micro look.

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Nude sunbathing and the NEW Newsletter

First up: here is a link to the February Koala Newsletter
Some sale suits and interesting bits.

One of my favorite warm sunny day past times is nude sunbathing. I enjoy this pleasure most with friends and other people who enjoy the pleasures of being nude at the beach. To me it is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have. It is good for the soul to shed your clothing and be with nature and the beach with it’s warm sands and pure breezes cannot be beat. Unfortunately we are in danger of losing the few available areas we have.
Our backward prudish politicians and wasteful public agencies are working on banning nude sunbathing on Federal public beaches. If you want to read up on it you might start by checking out the Cahill Policy and what is happening with it.
I would love to compile and print a list on this blog of places where it is still allowed. Our friends reading this blog in Europe must be amazed by how ridicules it is to even think about making something so natural illegal.
Want to do even more?  Here is a link worth checking out Nudist

I believe that Koala swimwear as come closer then any other company trying to make suits that duplicate the nudest experience. My direct inspiration for these suits was that there are no nude beaches in Los Angles, legal ones that is. This is my way of skirting the issue but it would be a much better option to be able to feel the sun on my completely nude body. I have decided in the last couple of days to add more nude experience suits to the Summer collection of suits. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Surprise the young guys and New Diablo

Sorry about the cold, I know the rest of the country or most of it is freezing while we are still sporting our tiny micros and getting sun. That’s not going to happen today because the winds are blowing about 40+ knots out here. Yesterday got some nice sun and got a laugh as two young guys stared across the pool at me. Not sure what they were doing but I am pretty sure they thought they were starring at a topless girl laying on her tummy. Again not sure why but that always gets me aroused.

On the subject of arousal there are still a few more new designs I wanted to talk about. The Explosive sex style suit with a full but removable pouch in my opinion will be the best selling new design of what surely will be one of our most exciting launches to date. Take about a wicked beach suit.

Hope you guys in the colder parts of the world are having fun with your fetish spandex suits. I had a guy call me yesterday and tell me about his group of buds that get together wearing our extreme suits with metal cock rings and such, get oiled up and wrestle. Sounds like fun. Anyone else doing fun stuff they would like me to post here for them?

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Wow Top models show up for our shoot

Yesterdays live shoot was unusual to say the least. It is hard to advertise for models that are willing to do nude now that craigslist does not allow adult ads. So we played it straight and advertised for models to do swimwear.
We told them they would be modeling bikinis, thongs and g-strings we did not mention fetish wear because that can scare off some of the hotter models, the ones that do print, TV and movies here in LA. I must say that it was an interesting shoot. We needed 3 models but since models are notoriously flaky we decided to book 8! Our luck 8 showed up. Both Carlos from KMC and myself would never send people away that came out for a shoot even if we had to many so we found a way to use them all. Our combined opinion is that these were some of the hottest models we have ever had, I would say 6 out of the 8 were GQ style super hot working models, one nice looking actor and one was interesting. One young Russian model 21 years old was so hot we are trying to book him for the shoot with all the new designs next month. I would love to have him. We had the boys model bikinis, thongs, g-strings, some sheer, suits with cock rings but no exposed cock or anal suits. We had a great assistant Andy fitting the guys and yes we kept the cameras rolling while they changed so there was good nude footage.
Even with all the stress of setting up a shoot like this we were very pleased with the out come and we have a few top models we can use in the future.

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Dealing with hot male models

I am helping with the KMC live photo shoot today. My job is to work with the models and find the suits that work with their bodies. Sounds like fun right? Well it is not all that you think it would be. With the rush of time and not being sure before a shoot what type of models I will have to work with or how many it gets very stressful. Carlos who runs KMC told me to expect anywhere from 3-7 models. Thats a huge range. Sure it is fun to see them getting dressed and undressed with their super hot bodies but for me there is little time to enjoy the view. It is about getting them into the suits. Many of the models have never seen micro swimwear so we need to explain in detail how to put them on how their cocks should look. Just another crazy day at Koala.

Hope it all flows. Speaking of flowing my girls are kicking ass on the new designs. They just might make it by the end of February. So far I am amazed. Wonderful weather in LA this last week got a few days by the pool wearing my micro g-string and I think I gave the pool man a nice show on Friday.

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Photo shoot and New suit info

Just wanted to post a reminder to KMC members that they will be having a live spandex swimwear photo shoot on
Sat 1/29 at 2:00PM PST

The new upcoming design I will chat about today is another suit based on a customers request. He asked for the Diablo suit with an anal hook. We needed to make a few changes with the rings to make it work, one of those was adding an adjustable main cock ring strap. The design works perfect. Perfect seems to be a theme with this new batch of designs. Almost all the new ideas worked perfectly and looked fantastic. We had a couple that did not make the cut. One we talked about last week the other is a pet project of mine. It is a fem suit that coverts your cock to an exposed vagina, clit and all. We came up with one off shoot that did the full exposed vagina but not the clit look. We just could not come up with a design that worked. This is an idea I love and we are not giving up on it. Maybe the summer collection will have it. The vagina suit we are introducing is a thing of pure fem beauty.
Guys into the male to female transformation look are going to go crazy over it. For you guys that think we have lost our minds please don’t worry I will talk about more wild but semi normal (whatever that means) suits next time!

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Quick note
I added the male chastity link because the photos are nice and it will help to get better Google PR
just keeping it real


New Yellow g-string ultra micro

One of the new designs that will be going into production is based on the suit I wear most often.
The Slug g-string is my suit of choice for many reasons, here are a few. I love the way it fits. It takes my cock and forms one of the sexiest and sweetest bulges around. It duplicates the nude tanning experience. The beaches of Southern California are my home tanning spots beautiful beaches but with the exception of a few far away spots no legal nude tanning. Ultra g-strings might not be legal but no one has ever bothered me and I have not heard about anyone else being hassled and as long as no complains it seems like girls can get away going topless most of the time. The Slut is so small in front that as long as you move the straps up and down as you tan it will not leave a tan line something I am into right now. The rear is a double strap. I not only like the way it looks nicely framing your ass but I like the way it feels and it just barely covers my hole, not even barely if my legs are spread. So what is up with the new one off design? First I love yellow it is one of my favorite colors and the second is one big change to the suit. The Slut is so small in front  snug to the top of your cock and sometimes getting out of the water if the pouch is pulled down even a fraction of an inch there is shaft showing. I needed to come up with a way that would allow me the Slut no tan line front i:e ultra micro but a way to cover a little more skin when walking on the beach, down to the water and more coverage when getting out of a hotel pool or the water at the beach. Last summer an idea came to me in just that situation. I came up with a folding elastic strap that fits around the top of the suit. When flipped down it has the same shape as the Slut g-string. Flipped up it  covers another 1/2″ give or take of  additional skin. Just enough to keep me and you out of trouble. The design works fantastic and it will be my future #1 beach suit.

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