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Waxing and new suits

Just got back after trying on 8 new designs with the girls. Hate to tease you but I will blog about that on Friday,
need to get my thoughts together.

Can you wax yourself? Not sure how many of you wax your hair away but I do get
guys e-mailing me asking me about waxing themselves. First let me say it is much
easier to have some one else do it. That said if you take your time and pay
close attention to what you are doing you can do it yourself. In fact you can
get very good at it with practice.
I can give myself a full Brazilian bikini wax in less time then driving to a
salon to have it done and knowing my body well and how the skin reacts to the
wax I believe I do a better job then my girl. When it comes to doing your hole
that is much more of a challenge but again with practice you can have a
completely clean and hairless hole and doing it yourself. Make sure to practice
on a less sensitive area like your arms or legs while learning how to do it.
Make sure to invest in quality waxing products. The pro wax heaters are not very
expensive and will last you many years. There are many types and brands of wax
my favorite is the standard GiGi hot wax.
This is the perfect time to get good at it. While it is still cold and no one
else at least in public will see your mistakes. You can get all your supplies
online at or any major beauty supply site or store. 

Mens swimwear

My first time at the beach in a Speedo

Not sure why I am thinking about this today. It has been raining here in beautiful Chatsworth California. For those of you not familiar with Los Angeles we are located about as far north in Los Angeles as you can go. It has been raining here non stop for about 5 days,  a very unusual occurrence and with have received about as much water as we get in a normal year!
So why my thoughts drifted to a summer many years ago I am not really sure. I was thinking about the first time I went to the beach wearing a Speedo. This being me it was not a regular Speedo because I had cut out the liner. Sure by the standards of the suits I wear today these were like huge bloomers but back then they were sexy as can be, my cock outline was clearly visible to anyone anywhere near me. Of course I was hard and leaking precum the entire day which forced me to leave the security of my towel and get in the water to both cool off and get rid of that huge wet spot that could be seen spreading from the head of my cock down. Who would know this would be the first time of who knows how many interesting beach encounters wearing spandex.  I remember a much older man putting his towel within inches of me and realizing even at that young age he was interested. He told me how hot my bulge looked. Very confusing to me back then but also exciting. I could add hours of info about my first time in public wearing this Speedo and how it led to other suits and the creation of Koala but it is just a blog and this has already gone long.

I would love you to post about your first time. I know it is cold in most of the USA and Europe right now so take your time and think back about your early spandex experiences. Share them. It might help some one just getting into spandex to find their way.

Mens swimwear

Thanks for the photos

Chris the photos you sent of your custom made suit look great and yes I am sure we could make it even nicer.
Would you like me to post your photos and add a link for everyone to see?
Boys make sure to share your photos with us. You can post them in the Free section
at KMC . I think it would be fun to see regular guys in skimpy stuff. I see models all the time but what is more fun then seeing the guy next door.

Mens swimwear

Smoking gun micro?

We have a very good customer that actually buys 15-20 of the same suit design at a time. This way we are able to make a few changes to the design for him. His order he wanted the exact design of the Smoking Gun with a slightly tighter pouch for the balls and a substantially shorter shaft pouch. We made it for him and he loved it. I thought it was a great idea for those of us smaller or for guys who are larger but want the spandex extremely tight around their shafts. When we made his last batch I had one made for myself and I do think the smaller shaft size actually makes me look larger since it was filled to capacity something I rarely can do with a suit.  Got a call from the same customer (you know who you are!) asking to make the same design again in a fabric more similar to pantyhose fabric and in a sheer nude color. We have sent out a sample of it to see if it is what he likes and again liking his idea I had one made for myself. Maybe it was the unusual feel of the fabric, not quite pantyhose fabric it was thicker but nothing like regular spandex and before I could pull it on over my cock I was hard. The fit was nothing short of spectacular and I can’t wait to hear about our customers reaction.

Mens swimwear