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Fat cock pumped cock

The thrill of a penis pump.

Using the new Fat Boy electric penis pump with a friend the other day I realized a couple of things. First with the right amount of suction even the smallest cocks can be ballooned up to fairly large sizes, I would know because my cock is one of the smallest and the other is seeing how hard my cock can get after being caged up in an extremely small chastity device all day. Using the Fat Boy almost felt like my cock was on steroids. The girl that was playing with me was blown away and had never seen a cock pumped before. She kept asking doesn’t that hurt? no I answered it felt different, it felt intense, it felt good in many ways but it did not hurt even when my 1” flaccid penis was hard and stretched to over six inches. I can’t imagine how incredibly hot it would be to have a medium or large sized cock and make it huge. It would be an unfair advantage!