Bikinis, thongs, g-strings and being healthy

Most of my blogs have to do with swimwear, spandex fetish, sex, chastity and other favorite subjects as it should since this is a mens swimwear blog. Humor me for a minute while I get serious. Today I had a colonoscopy, the prep was no fun but the procedure itself was painless, I had no idea it was even started let alone finished. Everything turned out fine.
I talked to a number of Doctor friends who told me yes get it done. What they can find and cure with this procedure can save your life. If you have been told to get it done and have been putting it off, get it done it really is nothing at all to worry about. It was the first time I have had something so long up my ass and did not feel a thing! all kidding aside it can save your life.

Speaking of health, now that I am on that tangent I want to tell you about a great product, one I do not make a penny on.
If you have a chance to go to they have a shelf for your treadmill that makes it into a desk while you walk. I was not allowed to drive today because of the anesthesia but felt fine and got on my laptop that is sitting on one of these shelves on my treadmill and pumped out hours of work as I walked. I have a walkstation at work which is a very large desk with a built-in treadmill, which I log hours on and generally hate to sit. The laptop desk shelf for treadmills works just as well as my very expensive walkstation. You can also find it at

Update on new suits. They are flowing in. I think my girls will complete the new production by the end of this month. Not has early as they told me but still well ahead of what I expected.

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6 thoughts on “Bikinis, thongs, g-strings and being healthy”

  1. I hope that you come out all right after the results….Get us men to also get a PSA test for the prostate as prostate cancer is the 2nd cause of death in men Its a simple blood test. I did it and found I had cancer and in the pre ops they found I needed a 4 way bi-pass. MEN’S HEALTH without it you dont have anything

  2. love the idea of the surfshelf… thanks
    ordered it tonight…

    anyone over 50 or 40 if there is a family history of colon cancer needs a first colonoscopy- you did right by having it done. the prep is a nuissance

  3. good for you md. i put off getting the procedure and wound up with colon cancer last year. they are not lying when they say its the silent killler. i had no clue and no warning.

  4. I had my first one done last year. The preparation before was far worse than the actual procedure. This is why it’s so important to know your family history; my mother and one of her sisters and her brother all passed from colon cancer. The WORST is to have a prostate exam that includes a biopsy…the after affects are NOT nice and can last as long a four or five months!!!

  5. I’ve had a couple colonoscopies. No big deal. But as David said, the prep isn’t to pleasant. The REALLY IMPORTANT health check for all you studs that love your stiff penis is the PSA test. Believe me…. if they have to take that prostate out you’ll really be pissed that you kept putting it off!!! The only thing that will be coming out of it will be Piss!!!!!

  6. I know you are being perfectly honest and mean well but you may be scaring a lot of guys into not having a PSA exam. It could be.. that each person may react differently to a biopsy and even the major surgery itself. I had no problem with either. I was 69yr at the time.

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