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  1. I notice that a lot of us had the problem with the ring-around-the-anus, spreading it open, because it would keep sliding off to one side. That got me thinking– what if the ring were not just two-dimensional, but was part of a funnel-like contraption that was inserted about an inch into the hole. Visually I suppose it wouldn’t be as hot, since it would cover the anus, but in terms of sensation, it could work and it would stay in place. Or maybe some funnel like thing that was attached to the ring by just two arms but still had an anal insert. That would keep the nice appearance of the spread anus, but at the same time the insertion into the hole would keep it from displacing. Just fishing for ideas here. I think that in working with men’s holes, we can be pretty creative and experimental.

    I love the idea but not sire what I could use

  2. Great newsletter! How bout using rubber rings in place of all the suits with metal rings and make the rings that act as cock rings not so large? A suit with lots of rings the a verticle pouch to hold them all with your cock inside?

    I like the rubber ring idea as an anal spreader


  3. Yup, this is a fantastic idea, Bill. As it happens I am aware what it would take to make such a thing: it should be cast in a robust plastic like PC/ABS. Unfortunately once you got the perfect design, die cast molds run about USD 10K and you have to have a very good idea about how many you can sell to recover such an investment.

    For me, the most important part of the design is that it would be large enough for my lover to enjoy…. Testing would be quite a delight, I expect 🙂

    Testing such a thing isn’t too expensive since you can make one-off *ahem* test articles with a “3D printer” or SLA machine.

    The idea of multiple arms is a good one, too. I am unsure how many represents the best balance between fun and comfort.

    If anyone – *anyone* – reading this has interest in taking such a thing beyond the idea stage I have the design skills to make a plastic part of this kind, and the contacts to get it built. It is the investment that’s daunting.

  4. Bad form to reply to one’s own post. Anyway. I started designing something like Bill’s talking about; it is one of two types of devices called an “anal dilator”. The one we are talking about is hollow (“has an axial bore”). These devices are sold at ludicrous mark-ups online.

    They’re not hard to cast. The whole trick is in the testing, I think.

    Let me say I am delighted there are people like me who think this is a wonderful idea! Rock. On.

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