Anal spreaders in suits

I think it is time to add anal spreaer rings to some of the designs.
My question is do you think a 2″ ring is too large, just right or ?
I wonder if a ring that opens you for sex but also is set up to hold a plug would be a nice option.

31 thoughts on “Anal spreaders in suits”

  1. I think 2″ is just about right. With that size, especially if it were pressed nicely into place, it spreads the anus open just enough to give a lot of pleasure, and is also a beautiful invitation to a partner. If you added a plug I’m afraid it would diminish both aspects. Incidentally, you might consider a horizontal set of strings as well as the vertical. It might keep the anal ring centered better instead of riding off to the side. Please, keep doing stuff that celebrates our anuses and holes! You’ve done a lot to introduce all of us to a whole new realm of subtle pleasures.

    I am thinking about going with a large rubber ring to keep it from sliding

  2. POSTSCRIPT. When my partner spreads my butt-cheeks, part of the pleasure is the gentle pull on my anus, but an even bigger pleasure is knowing that he is looking at my hole, and this gives me a little exhibitionist thrill, especially when I know he’s looking at my hole with desire and intent! (But of course I’m one of those “pervs” who thinks that the male anus is a masterpiece of beauty anyway.) That’s true with the anal ring in your suits as well– part of it is the nice anal stretch, but showing off your spread hole as an invitation is an excitement all of its own.

  3. I do like the anal spreaders but unfortunately they never sit properly over my hole 🙁 they always tend to twist and sit sideways so I loose the effect.

    Kim, what do you think about going with a rubber anal spreader?

  4. 2 inches is too big, more like 1.5 inch will snug in there better, also a clear plastic one so it looks natural.

  5. i think 2″ is too large because, in my experience with your suits, the ring ends up turning sideways and not opening up the cheeks as wanted. a smaller ring would sit nicely within the ass crack (and hopefully not move) while opening the cheeks and exposing the hole.

  6. The only problem with the spreader rings is they can get twisted sideways, which is awkward. The bigger the diameter, the more unstable. It’s just a matter of torque. A center strap can’t deliver much restoring torque.

    I can get the ring to stay between the sitz bones if the straps are really tight, but what works the best for me is a pair of Brazilian or half-backed shorts in which I put a spreader ring. The shorts are tight and the front and back straps are denim about an inch wide, so it’s stable.

    I don’t mean to offer any discouragement in your ideas – quite the opposite. It may be I wear these rings much tighter than your other customers prefer to and if that’s true the problem is only mine. I would love to see this problem solved in a new way, though, because the basic idea is so hot yet the problem seems so difficult.

  7. Favorite style for your own backyard when you are alone? NAKED

    Favorite style in your backyard with friends and family? BOXER GYM SHORTS, 2″ INSEAM, no thong
    or jock.

    Favorite style for the beach, lake or hotel? Tactics Barbados

    Favorite style around your friends at their homes?
    Black BRIEF

    Favorite style to wear on vacation including a cruise? Tactics Barbados (lined in front) squarecut with bulge, fake zipper fly to hide my dick tucked upward if it’s hard.

    What do you wear at the gym? SMOOTH NYLON RUGBY SHORT, 2″ inseam for weights and workout.
    That’s shorter than anyone else.

    Michael, I must confess: I’ve not ordered a Koala
    suit. I’m 65, married, and I like to read your blog.
    Do you want my opinions? Is over-the-hill off
    the target list? Probably.

    Never… should always be willing to go beyond your comfort zone no matter what age.
    I can tell you we have men ordering that are teenagers up to their 80s and maybe older. To them you would be a baby!


  8. how about a ball instead of a ring… something a golf ball size that is held in place but constantly teases your hole?


  9. HI. I am 66 i have been enjoy your suites for years and still do, and plan to for years to come. I love your new suits and hope to buy some of them before the summer, 2011, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ON YOUR NEW SUITES …

  10. Like some of the others, I cannot get a spreader ring to stay in position, so a 2″ is too big. I like the idea somebody else had of a ball–I’m thinking a clear polished ball that gives the illusion of magnifying!
    I am one of your somewhat older customers, too. I have enjoyed Koala suits for over ten years. I recently passed on some of my older suits to a new generation of young strippers. Their manager was very excited to have some new and exotic items for them to wear.
    I have posted pictures of me wearing many Koala suits at my blog:
    I especially enjoyed modeling the suits in front of an audience.

  11. What about something oblong with a 3 bar triangular shape with a ring that sits in and on your hole? I could draw it for you if you find it interesting.

    sounds like it might hurt

  12. Love how the anal spreading rings make my hole tingle, but as others have already mentioned, they tend to slip sideways, especially when you sit or walk a few steps. I thinks smaller rings (I actually liked how cold the metal ones were) or rubber rings sound good, but am really intrigued by the idea of a ball too-though I wonder if it should be as large as a golf ball. I have sometimes thought that a piece or rubber with a flat side (away from your hole) and a sort of smooth cone-like shape with a little rubber finger (about an inch)at the top that points forward and a little down would be great. That way, your hole gets a little spread, and the little finger like appendage would add stimulation and keep everything in place. Have always loved the pouches of smoldering, smoking gun, the teaser bikini and thong,precum and blue boy, and think any of these designs would have a little something extra with some of the anal spreader ideas. Keep up the good, pervy work! Any chance James will ever model again? Loved the way your suits fit his muscular ass and fat cock.

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  14. Rather than a ring, I’d like to see a feminizing suit that has two straps in back that spread like a ‘V’ with the base at the perineum. That would allow easy display and full access to my hole by just bending over, while keeping my manparts concealed. This would not be worn alone in public, but would be fun to wear under a short skirt.

    I like rings, but they always seem too small (I like unlimited entry potential). Redo or black would be great!

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