Must be a lot of first timers

This was not your typical Monday at
Something was stimulating Koala customers like a mass epidemic. All the boys at work referred to today as Saint Ass Sparks day. From first thing this morning until the very end of the day we were flooded with 
orders for Ass Sparks and for the suits that are designed to be used with them. Guess it was just one of those days where everyone thought about pushing something special up their ass. Wonder if there were many first timers?
I think so since guys that are already into anal fun were most likely early adopters.
I would love you to post your experiences no matter how graphic using your Ass Spark with or without one of the new designs…….Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Must be a lot of first timers”

  1. just had my ass spark delivered could not wait to try it out it’s the one with 1.75 ring well got it on and in wow it good i do love the feeling of it

  2. I bought an ass spark cock ring and omg I love it…it does amazing things to my cock and balls and then there’s that sexy metal ball wedged up my ass….I will be buying the double spark cock ring for sure….my girlfriend was amazed at the hardness of my cock and the swelling of my balls not to mention the moans of anal bliss I was letting out….I had her sucking my cock,squeezing my giant balls and hhhmmmm she loves grabbing my ass….it felt like she was strapon fucking me and I felt beyond sexy….the ring itself if grabbed and sort of shaken drives my ass wild and I can’t recall spraying cum so hard,far and intense ever….I wear it as often as I can and damn it’s one sexy nude beach bit of gear…have had a few girls see the ring and I showed one that it rides up my arse…she asked to feel my balls and if I were single I would have said yes…I laid on my towel with my ass tanning and blew an enourmous load while checking out all the sexy flesh near by…..I’d give almost anything to be one of the lucky models—how sexy would that feel….great thing is I’ve got a wild girlfriend and it’s so sexy watching my cum spray myself with her all the time having it so sweet up the ass….from the freezer it is insane…thank you for designing this piece as every guy should have one—or two

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