I plead insanity and newsletter sale link

In my last post I must of been temporarily insane by the powers of this ladies very hot ass. The thought of a suit that shows the full pouch but from the rear even bent over shows no hint of balls just hit me so hard. Giving it a little more though and trying on some suits yesterday around the office I realized we already have many suits that do just that. Show a very full pouch but from the rear even bent over you could be just as smooth as a women. That is with the suits fabric or strap laid flat against the skin between your legs and no sign of ball bump, in fact no sigh of balls at all. These would be all our full pouch and micro pouch designed suits that push you forward using an adjustable cock strap. You need the strap to push your cock and balls forward so the are in essence floating out in front of you and not hanging down at all. I tried it and that is in fact what they do and what they were designed to do. Like I said temporary insanity.

Here is a link to the September Newsletter

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Wonderful weekend and a couple questions

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I know they are never long enough but we had two fantastic beach days. One just me relaxing with a number of men and women around me wearing bikinis, thongs and even a g-string…and the g-string was on another guy not me!
Sunday I was with a big group and it was just beautiful out. Great waves both days. Perfect body surfing though on Saturday some of the waves were truly huge. In fact just down the road in Newport beach they were breaking up to 20′ way to big to body surf in but they must of been beautiful to watch them break.  The beach was packed with people both days and yes it was packed with cops too. I had no worries about them because A. I was wearing a Brazilian bikini/thong and the woman right next to me had on a pure thong. The police were so busy looking at her ass they almost ran over a couple on their ATV’s I am sure they were busy trying to give out tickets on the beach for drinking and smoking both big no no’s on LA beaches. The woman wearing the thong next to me put on quite a show for everyone. She was a body builder my guess about 40 with a killer body and a nice face. Her legs and ass were picture perfect and there is no doubt she knew it. She would stand to wipe the sand off her body, shake out her towel and a couple of times just to stretch. She would bend all the way over what little fabric there was(just the way I like it) was pulled deep into her ass. She would bend all the way over without bending her knees. You could clearly see her anus was lightened(also a very nice touch) My eyes kept going back to her legs which were more muscular than 99% of the men in the world and you could see how the fabric laid on her ample pussy lips(maybe steroid enhanced). The look was fantastic. When I got home I wanted to see how I looked from the rear and when the balls are pulled up so they can’t be seen the look was very similar. My legs are no where near as muscular as hers(she looked like a professional body builder) but looking at the rear view with no balls was a very nice look. That said it is a very nice look with a balls filled pouch. My question is most of our suits do at least show some amount of balls from the rear(covered balls that is for the beach) and our fem style suits show virtually no cock or balls. Should I create a suit that shows a nice front pouch with balls and cock but from the rear even bent over shows no sign of cock or balls. Just a silkly smooth look like the girl on the beach?  So the first question is should I design one and the second question is could you see yourself wearing that style. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. 

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