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We did our photo shoot the other night and it went on for hours. We had a very hot young model with a body I wished I had but even though thiss young man had such a hot body we all have our good parts and the parts we can do a little work on. Until the shoot the only body I had seen the designs on was my own. The model had a great six pack but his ass was on the small size and as most of you know I look like I stole my ass from a Brazilian girl. Point is suits fit different on different bodies. All the suits looked great on him but sometimes having a fuller ass looks better on a suit, of course that depends what you like. We shot 17 different designs, quite a marathon session but the photos are looking good and we are on track to indtroduce the full line and have it all in stock the first week of October.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Mens swimwear

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  1. OK, i know this might sound crazy and even impossible to do, but here goes a business proposal:
    1 – I love Koala products, mainly swimwear, but also some of the toys;
    2 – I own several Koala suits and several toys;
    3 – I believe i’m able to wear almost any of your suits/toys.
    Major difficulty:
    a) I live in Portugal, across the Atlantic, with 6 hours in advance of your time zone
    Big savings for you:
    1 – Would model for free (almost, you would have to pay for the trip and consider he time zone difference in flight in order to get me there in the right time for the live photo shoots). I would also like to be able to choose, free of charge, 3 of your suits/toys;
    2 – I have a relative nice ass, as you can see in my profiles section of Koala;
    3 – Even not being young (41), i believe, overall, i have a decent overall body and as i mentioned above, my ass fite great in any of your suits.
    Keep that in mind. Thank you!

    I will!

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