Great thong weekend at the beach

Wow had two great days at the beach this weekend. There is always something fun going on.  This weekend I went again with the Dangerous Thong. It offers a great fit, hot fabric and very little coverage. It also shows off my very ample nicely tanned ass.  Both days were so nice a mild with a great breeze. Funny the beach was very busy yesterday but not so much today. I am thrilled to report that both days there were more guys around me wearing thongs and bikinis and not as many wearing Surf Shorts. I’m sure it was a fluke but how awesome would that be if micros were the norm for guys. I noticed some very nice full pouches.  I have a great story but no time to type it up tonight. I am on my way out to dinner with friends but my next post will include my thong Kite surfing lesson.

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One thought on “Great thong weekend at the beach”

  1. May be the American youth are learning something from the European beach goers.
    There is as there are signes of change there is still hope

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