Back and back to the beach!

Just back from my fishing trip in the mountains where I won a trophy as the world’s worst fisherman that said it was a lot of fun and very relaxing. My cravings for the beach were very strong and even though it was on the overcast side today I hit the beach in my micro bikini. Not a lot of people out for late July. Not much sun but I am sure plenty of rays came through because I definitely got some color. Once I flip on my stomach I make my suit into a micro thong and with my big butt that works great. I was listening to music a dozed off. The next thing I noticed were a couple of Brazilian girls laying out a few feet away. One had what looked like my exact suit on at least from the back. Truth is our front bulges were not that far apart in size.  Turns out they are here on vacation and she was telling me many gay men and some straight men wear thong style suits in brazil but many more wear what we would call tiny boy shorts.  I am always amazed by how nice a round most Brazilian women’s butts are. They truly are blessed!

2 thoughts on “Back and back to the beach!”

  1. MD, glad, to hear the fishing vacation was a success. You didn’t mention your micro suit ear during the trip…hope you did.

    I really enjoyed the observation about the Brazilian girls having a bulge nearly as big as your own. I love to see women wearing very small suits. No one seems to focus on a suit to emphasize a nice pussy bulge…a market opportunity. I would love to hear what other women think about a female bulge suit. I think it would be great to offer matching men and women bulge suits! It could be an entirely new market for you, and think about how hot the photo shoots and videos would be!

  2. I agree: Brazilian women have awesome asses! I wish men here were more like Brazilians 🙂

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