Men’s swimwear time to change. Time for a thrill!

After all these years there are still very few things that give me a bigger thrill than being on a busy beach wearing next to nothing. I am a nudist at heart but I live in a country where there are few beaches to go nude at. This is the basis of many of our designs which is getting as close to nude as possible. I like to say that wearing men’s Speedos feels like wearing a huge suit next to most of our designs let alone wearing surf shorts which is more like covering yourself with a tent. It is hard for me to imagine anyone who would not like the feel of a micro suit. The feeling is addictive. I can still remember the thrill of wearing a micro bikini to the beach the first time. It was like sex. My cock was wet and bulging the entire time in fact there were many times I just about had an orgasm right on the beach. I talk to many men who tell me they are too shy to wear something like that in public. Guys there are no reason to hide your body. Women have blazed a trail for us and all we need to do is follow. This summer you will see women in all shapes and sizes wearing the smallest suits ever. They are truly enjoying themselves and it is a huge turn on for them too. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of real men’s swimwear designs. Do whatever you need to do but get out of those surf shorts. If our suits are too small for your comfort zone start with Speedos. I guarantee in no time you will work your way down to micros.

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7 thoughts on “Men’s swimwear time to change. Time for a thrill!”

  1. Well said! We need more men to feel comfortable as women is the smallest suits. What is the difference between a nice female nipple outline versus a nice ball outline…a nice pussy camel toe versus a lice penis line or cock head? This is nature..real life!

    And doesn’t everyone look at it all..and enjoy!

  2. Hi there all,
    since now ca. 1/4 century men (and especially the youger!) do blemish themselves during swimming and tanning everyplace with these horrible “bermudas”. We “German Stringers” often are entiteling that very amused as “Potato bag epidemic”. (But this pest is of cause very functional if you are more present at McDonalds etc. as in the Gym or FitnessStudio)!

    Ok – that “Mantling Trend” came over from the USA to Europe – because one of these Californian surver did have the idea wearing even two of these tents – due to he had two with different designs for two different surfing clubs … (For surfing these long trunks are needed due to waxed boards!)

    Because common sense isn’t very common so this desease has spreaded over from USA to Europe – for adulteration now men during even swimming and tanning. Of cause the “New Prudery” – beginning in the 80-ties – did catalize this dramatically, too.

    Guys – dont’t think we enthusiasts of luscious-fresh swimwear will have any friends in the “swimwear-market”: The trunk producer do have a big interest keeping this potato-sack-trend alive. It’s very simple: because gain will be ever more with that trend as with any string or thong … And so in any conceivable advertizing you ever will see potato sacks on hunks – and never crispy swimslips(like Speedos or so) – or even Strings, Tangas or Thongs.

    Of cause “feeling” in a minimized (skimpy!) swim gear is ever much better than in a tedious Bermuda. But there is under young men an dramatically peer pressure because especially the last generation reacts extremly market-compliant and aligned!

    In Munich / Germany I’m swimming and tanning in public pools or lakes only in very skimpy and snug fitting strings (some Koala and Tendenze) – and even concealed plugged! Pride and cool smiling as well – if often traits derail of some “Potato-bois” … (Big grin: what would derail at them if they would know about my horny ass feeling …)??

    Women: If you are an adonis mostly they do like minimized swimgear on men. I can recognize this consistently. But I made the experience that there are somethimes some drama queens, too, thinking only women do have the due for sexy swim gear for attracting attention. And this especially at women who just wear minimized swim gear! They are stressing this area by thinking they do have this in a way of “Legal Protection”. Obviously angry turning away their head if you are passing them is the best proof – that’s once again such a exemplar – jealousy to your eye catcher …

    “Men’s swimwear time to change. Time for a thrill!” Of cause yes – it’s really high time for that!! But this only can happen if men – so much as possible! – start swimming and tanning “going skimpy”. Proud, pride, whatever: but shure-footed and conscious!!

    Best regards to the USA!

  3. hello all–what a wonderful summer we are having in seattle! I have been tanning in the Ballz thong. Now that I have a great tan I am ready to head to the public beach wearing a wonderful micro like the Enticement. Over a period of years I have gone smaller and smaller in public. Typically I am wearing the smallest suit on the beach–women included! I would love it if more women would wear micros in public. ( maybe if I went to southern california beaches?) I have never been hassled. I have inspired laughter (good for the soul) and comments–“look at that, he just has a sock over it”. I love having my jewels outlined in almost see thru spandex, it is so exciting! I need to continue to work on my physique, keep in shape so I look very good in tiny suits. Thanks koala for making fantastic looking suits of very high quality.
    Maybe with gay relationships being more accepted and mainstream more men will feel okay about showing their bodies off in public. I have always liked wearing bikinis but have kept myself from enjoying doing this is public due to shyness and worries about “what other people are thinking” (will one of my clients see me and disapprove?) Now I think that I am just doing the best I can at being me and part of that is wearing what I want. Hopefully, we are moving towards a more open and accepting culture of all aspects of diversity. Here’s to exploring yourself and finding that edge that feels a little scary and doing it anyway and being glad afterwards.

    Thanks for putting your thoughts on our blog. We are kindred spirits!

  4. Nothing like being completely plugged under your swim thong, with butt plug & chastity cage with ureteral plug which really stretches.

    I have never tried a ureteral plug. I love my ass plugged but that one scares me. How does it feel?


  5. The feeling is fantastic its like being masturbating from the inside and always dripping and wanting to be hard and will actually cum. The wet spot is noticeable with the right coloured swimwear and the shocked look when revealed by men & woman.

  6. Urethral plugs (also called penis plugs)are a type of penile sounding. It takes an adventurous person to try this type of stimulation. Plugs provide a DEEP stimulation of the interior of your penis, that is heightened by walking around the mall or at the beach. The ChainGang in Florida sells a wide variety of plugs and penis toys.

  7. I’d like to see a suit that’s a combination of “Tast Me” and the “Chastity Bitch Thong”. I recently bought your “Man Slut Cock Cage” and am considering the “Man Cave”, and think it would be exciting to show just the end of either chastity device. Maybe removing the last inch of the Chatity Bitch thong would be enough to show either chastity device or even the head of your penis if you decided to wear it uncaged. BTW, LOVE the Man Cage. The stimulation is fantastic, and the and the feel of a trapped erection is sometimes enough to cause me to pop.

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