Customer idea and ditching work for the beach.

Just a quick update on what’s going on. Earlier this week I received another great idea from one of our customers about adding a suit like the Temptation design with a real bikini front so he could wear it to more moderate beaches while still sporting a total feminizing look. I immediately loved the idea, drew it out and talked to my pattern maker about knocking out a sample. Though the idea seems straight forward I am not 100% sure that we can keep the shaft completely compressed and hidden away in a bikini but my girls said they will have a sample for me next week.  Hope it is beautiful where you are at. We finally had a real beach day and I took off after lunch to get a little beach enjoyment. It was magnificent out there. The water felt great, there were few people out there but amazingly enough there were two guys nearby laying out in G-strings when I arrived. There was an incredible yacht that must have been mega millions parked right off the beach possibly shooting a movie. If so I hope they got a close up of my very tan fully exposed ass soaking up the rays and being seen by who knows how many people strolling on the beach. Will let you know how the new sample turns out and I hope you get some wonderful micro swimwear time this weekend.

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