Working on new suits today

Working on new suits today


Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and day. Now it is time to get back to having fun and being nasty. Just part of my jobJ I spent the morning trying on new designs and I can’t believe how hot they are. Over the next week I will blog about some of the new designs but one stands out in my mind today.

It was a hot yellow pair of short shorts that went so deep up my ass I thought I was having sex, as hot as that is the truly outstanding part of the design is in the cock ring enhanced huge bulge front. The girls were giggling and saying that if I wear this to the beach all the women will be asking for my number. The bulge was outstanding and the shorts made my butt look great. I love yellow! If I ever get a Ferrari it will be bright yellow like these shorts.

Men’s swimwear

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  1. on Dec. 19th 2013 I mailed youall an order for a gold always up g string with a $39.00 us postal money order, I havn’t received it as of this date, when may I espect it. the item number is au 8377

  2. hiya

    ive loved the awesome designs that koala have produced, i cant find a comments page on the site so i thought id post it here
    i love the new fire-starter suit, but i cant help thinking that if the cock sleave had a elasticated opening for the head of the shat to poke out of it would be breathtaking… showing the head of the cock and proudly displaying the two balls while the shaft remains encased in spandex

    many regards


    Great Idea we just might add that

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