Yoga, Bikinis and a new collection update. The April sale is still on too!

It is warming up in Los Angeles and there have been some nice beach days this last week with more coming this week ( I will try to sneak away for a few hours). I had a chance to spend a couple of my lunch breaks around the pool lounging in my micro bikini. I met some new neighbors whom I am pretty sure had never seen a man wearing such a tiny swimsuit with a nice round plump little bulge. My Yoga is coming along nicely and since the production of our new collection is taking longer than I would like the stress reduction is wonderful. All my yoga workouts are performed wearing some very tiny skin tight shorts. Doing yoga in these little shorts is giving me great ideas of how to make some truly stellar yoga short shorts. Funny thing about working out in a very crowded yoga class wearing spandex shorts and no undies is that if your penis moves you cannot adjust it without people seeing, in my case I just leave it where it is. I have not had an erection yet but my shaft moved to the side and you could see the entire little guy pressed into the spandex. The yoga instructor came by and made an adjustment with her hand on my waist almost touching the shaft. I guess what she does to the girls she does to the boys. The position I was in was so difficult (for me) that the only thoughts in my brain were holding the pose and noticing how much I was sweating. Glad it did not get hard, even I might have been embarrassed! I have a feeling this summer will be the best yet for viewing men wearing thongs, bikinis and G-strings here in Southern California based on what I have seen at the beach so far this year. As I was typing this I stopped to call my girls in production to see when everything would be in stock. It is Tuesday as I post this and they told me by Friday I would have all the new styles for sure. I wanted to double check and make sure we could go ahead and set up a photo shoot for next week. If you have not had a chance to take a look at the April Koala Newsletter now is a great time. The sale runs for just another handful of days.


6 thoughts on “Yoga, Bikinis and a new collection update. The April sale is still on too!”

  1. Hey, Michael!

    First off, I want to thank you for all of your fun styles! I probably tend more toward your conservative items, but I’ve loved wearing your sexy swimsuits for vacations and days on our boat on Lake Michigan.

    This may not be the best place to post this question (feel free to delete it if you want), but I need some further info regarding your chastity products.

    Along with fucking my wife a couple of times a week, I tend to jack off almost daily as well. One night earlier this year, when I was on a business trip, a good friend texted me a delicious pic of my wife’s well used and incredibly well-filled pussy. I decided that my little loads were unworthy. I’ve decided to self-impose chastity on myself to reduce my daily masturbations. I’ve never used a cage before, so I bought 2 from Koala that I thought would work well (Cheater Cage and Man Whore Silicone Cage), but they’re a lot more bulky in my pants than I had expected. Do you have any suggestions of cage designs that I could realistically wear under standard business clothes for up to a week? She has an overnight date with an old friend on Friday, and I want to be able to dump a HUGE load in her slutty pussy when she gets home on Saturday!

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    1. It all sounds like fun you should post some photos of your wife’s lovely pussy for all to see.
      I would go with the Micro Squirt or the Micro Boy.

  2. HI Michael,

    I’m looking at the split personality thong and the switch blade thong (one of which is in the sale this month.) Can you explain how they differ? Which one should I choose?

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