See through Yoga



The other night I went to my Yoga class and a friend of mine joined me. Denise has practiced Yoga before and was eager to start a new class, the class I have been raving about. We met in the parking lot and walked up together. She immediately noticed my tiny little skin tight yoga shorts. Those are cute she said. Once in class I set up my stuff near the back wall. Why all the way back there she said. I told her I was more comfortable in the back because I was still in the early learning phase. The truth is it is less embarrassing to be in the rear of the room when I am not completely sure what is going on. I am just more comfortable while I am learning to just blend in. She set up right next to me. This class featured my regular instructor and another female teacher trainee. I have been working very hard in this class to get the poses correct and I appreciate all the help they offer coming around to correct me. I have noticed the more I practice the fewer corrections maybe I am making some headway. If you take Yoga you understand it is a very individual practice and there is no time to talk. Denise and I shot smiles at each other during class and I noticed that the teacher trainee spent most of the class behind us the few times I looked over she was smiling too. She would come over and correct me here and there but the class progressed smoothly though it is a very intense workout. After class was over Denise came over and said she loved the class and then asked a funny request of me. Could you do a downward facing dog for me? Sure but did you notice me doing it wrong. No she said I just want to see something. I did my best downward facing dog and she walked behind me. That was great she said but when I got up I noticed a huge smile on her face. Am I doing right I asked? Yes it is looking good really good she said with a wicked little smirk.  Ok what’s up I asked? Denise told me she had noticed the teacher trainee standing behind me most of the class with a big smile on her face and was wondering what she was so happy about. Did you ever hear about the problem with the Lulu Lemon Yoga pants she asked? You mean the batch that was see-through when the ladies bent over. Yes that’s it she said. Your little Yoga pants are completely sheer when you bend over. I can see everything. The spandex is so thin that your butt completely shows. I can see your tan line it is so sheer. I thought for a moment and wondered if you could see my hole and asked her. Yes you can see it all. You can’t see me cock I said the front has a double panel. No I can’t see your penis but your ass is another story. Does it look fat I asked being my vain self. It looks nice she said but it is so sheer it’s like you are doing naked Yoga. I guess that is why early on there were some giggles from the girls but it seems like everyone is used to it. For now I will stay in the back of the class until my inner exhibitionist takes over!

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  1. Hi mike,

    I think these little shorts of yours sound great – what about a photo and adding them to the next release of suits?


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