We just did another photo shoot and an afternoon at the beach


We received a number of new male chastity products this week and we have more coming in next week. We did a photo shoot the other night staring my penis and some very intense male chastity gear. We have three new male chastity cock cages with built in Ass Sparks. They are extremely stimulating designs and we have a new super heavy duty male chastity cage with an adjustable cock ring that has a range of just under 1.5” up to 2”. This design weighed a ton on my little cock but it sure felt good. This was one of the must secure cages I have ever used.

The new items should be on the website in a week or so.



With all that going on I got to spend a beautiful afternoon at Venice beach the other day. There were a number of guys wearing spandex shorts and a few in bikinis and thongs. It must be a fact that thongs and extreme Brazilian cut bikinis that show a ton of ass are what are going to be huge for the girls this summer. Less fabric and from the looks of it larger butts are the in thing.


Men’s Swimwear


5 thoughts on “We just did another photo shoot and an afternoon at the beach”

  1. Any chance of getting some side profile shots of the “Grommet” and how secure is it for extended wear or walking?

    1. Sorry I don’t have any side shots but once inside of you they are extremely secure.


  2. I often wear my invisible intrusion and love the idea of having a g string that disappears deep into my asshole, anchoring the suit. nothing beats plopping my naked ass onto a hotel beach chair and having my butt and taint pop through the vinyl straps of the chair. I think if you revisited that suit and offered a fuller cut thong that had an integrated silicon plug or a clear silicon , or even hollow plug that let water rush in and out. I think that suit idea has many ways of manifesting itself. Right now I dream of a tropical print neon with a 1/4 back rio with a super narrow pouch about 2 inch sides, a drawstring and a large ball or two to anchor that little back into my asshole. I hope someday you revisit the invisible intrusion and exploit suit concepts !

  3. Rick, I’m with you and the hollow plugs. I’m very interested in the feel of swimming and the water flow in and out. As well as letting my wife run the water hose over my open ass as I lay out in the back yard for a little water play. I’d really like to see a micro short with a hollow plug integrated for that inconspicuous gaping hole that people won’t see and all while having coverage for walking around.

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