Boogie Board fun and the micro thong



Sunday was a fantastic beach day. Got some great sun wearing my tiny Streamline swimsuit that just barely covers my cock, keeps the area between my legs completely exposed to the sun and everyone’s eyes and with my big ass I can use this design as a barely there thong. I noticed more men today in thongs and G-strings than I did women. One guy in particular looked amazing and though I did not go up to him my guess was that he was wearing a red Koala thong. He was thin and built. He was also not shy about showing his great body to everyone on the beach along with having a good time playing in the water. Very hot! I think I got a little wet from something other than the water.

I had a great time a few days ago when I took the afternoon off for some beach fun. There were lots of girls there for a weekday and a couple girls set up there towels just feet away. No matter their age I enjoy having the girls hanging out next to me that go’s for men as long as they are wearing bikinis of less. One in particular was a young round happy girl that could not have been much more than in her early twenties. She was little more than an arm’s length away from me and had her boogie board in hand. She said hi, got a little sun, grabbed her board and in she went. The waves were huge and I figured she must have been a very skilled boarder to be out in those waves. It was also hot as hell in LA even at the beach so you almost had to spend some time in the water. When the waves are breaking so big some up to 8’ faces they are hypnotic. You stand in the water watching them and you cannot believe how big and beautiful these monsters are. Sorry lost my train of thought. Let’s get back to our boogie board girl. She went in and I took a little nap. My guess is a half an hour went by when I was awakened by the sound of sirens. I looked to the water and I could see a number of lifeguards swimming into the huge surf with more trucks and lifeguards on their way. This was about 200’ away which was too close to see who they were going after but close enough to see that about six lifeguards were in the water and another couple were jumping off a boat just past the wave zone.


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