Girls with thongs and their men

I was at the beach both days last weekend and sadly it was the men’s bikini or thong fest I was hoping for but at least the ladies were going strong. I hope this coming weekend brings at the throngs of thongs! Yesterday I slipped out of work a little early to relax after finishing my part of the new male chastity products copy and photos, the new items should be online next week. The beach was nothing short of amazing and as is typical for a weekday there were lots of ladies around me including thongs but none with a swimsuit anywhere near as micro as mine. I love wearing the least on the beach. The one thing I have noticed more so now than at any other time are how many women wearing thongs with their boyfriends/husbands (always in shorts) that set up right next to me when so much beach is available. I love seeing it and my guess is that the girls wearing so little like the idea of seeing more people wearing similar suits. One other guess is no one really knows what is legal or not, that said at the beaches I visit I have not been bothered for decades which in my mind makes it legal but maybe the girls figure if anyone is going to be hassled it will be the one wearing the least.


Any thoughts on this or any experiences…please share.



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3 thoughts on “Girls with thongs and their men”

  1. I’m almost as excited to see the new suits as I am about the upcoming release of Them’s Fightin’ Herds, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating that for years.

  2. One rule of thumb is that women can almost always get away with wearing less than men. Thongs are illegal on Delaware beaches, but one time when I was there there were several women in thongs. They didn’t get hastled at all, but woe be it to any man who happened to be wearing one. I’ve been hastled there by the life guards for wearing a string bikini that covered my butt completely. Talk about prudes!

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