Lazy and ready for the beach

Last weekend in LA was a blowout with both Saturday and Sunday being completely overcast. This long Labor Day weekend promises to offer some great beach days. It is hotter than hell and at our offices in Chatsworth (the northern most part of Los Angeles) it has been averaging right about 112 degrees. That is ridiculous heat, way too hot for me to being out getting sun. The beaches on the other hand have been running in the high 70s to low 80s. That is perfect weather to strap on a micro swimsuit over my little cock and head down to the beach. I have plans with friends for Saturday and Sunday. I hope to get something going for Monday too. I don’t consider Labor Day the end of summer since we get great beach days through October and some of the nicest beach days even later in the year. That said I hope my spandex friends everywhere will be hitting the beach wearing as little as possible in big numbers! In some areas it is the last call to show off how little you will dare to wear.

All this talk of relaxing has got me feeling a little lazy. While I’m busy typing this blog post on a lovely blazing hot Friday morning (I would much rather be at the beach) I should be taking all the August sale suits offline but I just don’t feel like doing it today so I’m going to let them run until Tuesday! Make sure to find some special treasures for yourself. Remember Fall and Winter are on their way and nothing feels better then a Koala suit under your jeans to make you feel special and sexy all day long!


The last few days of our huge summer sale, it’s been extended due to an extreme case of laziness on my part.

2 thoughts on “Lazy and ready for the beach”

  1. Comments are closed for your recent chastity blogs, so I’ll post this here.

    I have a novel idea for a new chastity device design, since some of your models appear to be custom made. What about one with a flat plate and a stainless catheter so the cock is pushed in like with your M2F suits? The plate should trap the balls as well as the cage in a typical captive ball design, the catheter should help prevent pull-out, and it could be worn with the M2F suits. If such a design is feasible, it would be the ultimate in feminization chastity.

    1. I have been looking for something like that. Like a metal plate that holds the penis forced inside of you. It gets me wet thinking about it!


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