It’s starting to warm up and I love it.

It’s starting to warm up and I love it.

I’m getting ready to channel my inner sun god or maybe my goddess depending upon which type of suit I will choose to tan in. It is finally warming up in SoCal. We almost always get summer like days in January and February but not this year in fact there were no days warm enough for taking a little sun either month something I can’t ever remember happening. All cold days so cold I had to finally switch from wearing shorts to sweats. There is a good side to this type of weather, we had a whole bunch of rain and in the mountains that supply us water we have had one of the best years on record. Hopefully we are getting caught up from all those drought years. I can’t wait to start tanning around the pool at the complex near our work. I do it on my lunch break and the feel of being almost nude with a touch of sun on my body is an excellent way to spend lunch.

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  1. The Victorian summer wasn’t as hot as I hoped, and the heat has not really lingered into March, as it has in previous years. Having said that, I should make better use of the opportunities as they arise. Perhaps next summer!

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