I am always the guy wearing the smallest swimsuit…except for today.

I am always the guy wearing the smallest swimsuit…except for today.

This was the first weekend in a long time with summer like weather. We had two glorious beach days. Mid 70’s that might just have kissed the 80’s and it’s still winter! The beach was wonderful though the water is still too cold for me. Yesterday was perfect and breezy today it was almost too hot. Both days I spent wearing a tiny micro thong and I can’t remember seeing someone wearing anything smaller, except for today. One of my friends pointed out a younger Asian guy walking down the boardwalk wearing something so small I could not believe it. It looked like a tiny G-string possibly made of silk. His penis was clearly visible and unlike spandex suits that control and compress this man’s ample penis was all over the place, like it had a mind of its own. It was putting on quite a show for crowds of people in the area. He must have been a total exhibitionist. He was walking on the boardwalk not the beach, wearing nothing else. What balls this guy had. I wish I could be so bold I mused to myself. We only noticed him as we were walking down to the beach but what an impression he must have left with anyone he passed by.

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  1. That Asian guy puts me in the shade too. After lamenting the not-so-hot summer here in Melbourne in the other recent posts, the prospect of a 28C (82F) day had me determined not to miss it. A ‘long lunch’ saw me taking a drive to the nearest local beach (around Edithvale) for a dip.

    The water felt on the cool side (the official monitoring suggests it’s at 20C (68F) now, down from the peak of 22.5C (73F)), but it was nice for a swim, followed by a walk along the shore to air-dry before jumping back in the car to return to work. There was only a sparse crowd on a weekday and two blokes (in the retired age bracket) had on briefs while accompanying their wives in one-pieces. That age bracket thing, I guess. Rare to see a young guy in less than boardies here, otherwise.

    I wore an older unlined swim brief with 1″ sides and a fitted pouch that has my package sitting in a natural position and dancing around a little like jello when I walk. Add a cock ring and it gets a little more like a pendulum. 🙂 I know some of my koala suits have the same effect. Perhaps I’ll try one later in the week for comparative purposes.

  2. And, of course, I won the briefest swimsuit award in the guys category. I usually do here, even when the beach is packed. No bold Asian dudes, here. (Their girlfriends, on the other hand, do occasionally get the BoB (Best on Beach) prize.

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