What do people think about your sexy tan line?

What do people think about your sexy tan line?

What do people think and what do they say about your sexy tan line. Are you the type of guy like me that enjoys showing it off or are you shy about showing yours? What does that new guy or girl you have met say when they see that tiny almost non-existent tan line? Are they surprised? Are they excited? How have people in the past reacted to it? Have you even been embarrassed to show it? How do you feel in a very public place like a locker room or at your doctor’s office? I would love to post your stories! Please send them.

2 thoughts on “What do people think about your sexy tan line?”

  1. Definitely on the shy side here; only my wife gets to see it away from the beach. Other beach-goers would only get to see that there is no tan line that falls outside of whatever suit I have chosen to wear. The same goes for the hair coverage, since some suits would never contain it, if I left it untouched. The hair would be much more evident in a clinical situation, but I haven’t had to encounter that.

  2. I only ever heard 2 comments about wearing a thong. One was from a guy on a beach who said it looked great, and I think was hitting on me.
    The other was from a woman who saw my tanline and said she found it sexy. She’s now my girlfriend – there may be a connection…

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