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Balls or Football?

I guess most guys are back to watching college football on Saturday at least it seemed so yesterday. Yesterday was just about perfect with a great breeze and nice warm sand. The beach was so empty for being so nice out. I know people love football but there are only so many nice beach days left this season until we need to start looking at other parts of the world to keep our sexy tan lines going. I’m hoping that here in Los Angeles we something that resembles a Fall or Winter this year so I will need to travel There were a couple guys lying near by one wearing a bikini and one a Speedo. Hot guys wearing swimsuits that looked like they were painted always gets my attention, too bad they were not wearing Koala micros so I could see the shapes of their cocks and most likely much more of their lovely asses.



Men’s Swimwear

I love this look!

IMG_9325 IMG_9326One of our upcoming new designs from the 2016 collection is a total fem look male to female transformation bikini. This one is all pretty and sexy in our matt black rubberized feel fabric. I love this fabric as do many Koala customers and I was jazzed to see that it was a great fit with this male feminine design. I have included a photo of me trying it on. This is a very cute suit and I can’t wait to take a stroll on the beach wearing one. I think it is going to turn some heads!



Men’s swimwear


Bikini waxing for men


If you have been into wearing micro swimwear for a long time you most likely have checked into getting a bikini wax. For those few that are unfamiliar with what a bikini wax is here’s the info. You go to a beauty shop or a waxing studio and you strip down most often completely nude for a full bikini wax. Most of the time it will be a woman working on you but some spots feature men. You are more apt to find male at salons doing waxing in major cities. I have had both men and women give me Brazilian wax and there is no difference. It all has to do with skill and experience (you do not want to be one of their first) Using hot wax that is spread on the bikini line, the butt, the hole and if you choose the shaft and balls, on in small areas at a time and then ripped away with a fabric strip. The hair comes off with the fabric along with the wax. It hurts but in a strange way feels good too. There are few things as sexy a freshly waxed full Brazilian. The great thing is no versus just a few years ago most places will do a full Brazilian on a man. It used to be hard to find places that worked on guys but now you can find them all over the place. If you decide to go with a full Brazilian wax make sure to have Tendskin (a product we stock but you can also find at most beauty supply stores)to keep the red irritation bumps away.