Waxing and new suits

Just got back after trying on 8 new designs with the girls. Hate to tease you but I will blog about that on Friday,
need to get my thoughts together.

Can you wax yourself? Not sure how many of you wax your hair away but I do get
guys e-mailing me asking me about waxing themselves. First let me say it is much
easier to have some one else do it. That said if you take your time and pay
close attention to what you are doing you can do it yourself. In fact you can
get very good at it with practice.
I can give myself a full Brazilian bikini wax in less time then driving to a
salon to have it done and knowing my body well and how the skin reacts to the
wax I believe I do a better job then my girl. When it comes to doing your hole
that is much more of a challenge but again with practice you can have a
completely clean and hairless hole and doing it yourself. Make sure to practice
on a less sensitive area like your arms or legs while learning how to do it.
Make sure to invest in quality waxing products. The pro wax heaters are not very
expensive and will last you many years. There are many types and brands of wax
my favorite is the standard GiGi hot wax.
This is the perfect time to get good at it. While it is still cold and no one
else at least in public will see your mistakes. You can get all your supplies
online at Amazon.com or any major beauty supply site or store. 

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2 thoughts on “Waxing and new suits”

  1. I forgot to say this in my previous 2 posts (My Story), but i started to shave when i “got into spandex”, because i liked much more to see my body hairless when wearing those kind of swimsuits than with hair; i started to shave just the pubic area, but rapidly started doing it to my whole body. After a while i started waxing, because it would last longer than shaving. The waxing was always done by someone else (a girl with practice on men’s waxing is of utmost importance!). Last year i started doing laser treatments and it’s starting to payoff: i started by doing it on my legs and pubic area and even having done some 8 or 10 sessions up to now, hair in these areas is disappearing; i hope that by next summer I’ll only need maintenance sessions on these areas, so that i can start with chest, abdomen, butt ans later, arms (these will be left for last, because i have hair on them only by the elbow joint, and this is easily done by shaving; also, laser treatments are expensive and you must choose your “investment” wisely and my budget allows for 1 to 3 areas at a time only…
    Anyway, from my experience, shaving is relatively fast, inexpensive, has some tendency to let you with some “ingrown hairs”, mainly if you don’t use a good hydrating cream and also exfoliating. Is will last you for a week or so (in my case, the two last days of that week start to show some hair already). Waxing lets you smooth as velvet, for one to two weeks (in my case it was always in between 1 week, 1 week and a half); it’s fast, a little more expensive, you must dedicate time to it, because typically you have it done outside of your house comfort and, even it it has less propensity to give you ingrown hair, you must still be careful with hydrating and exfoliating.
    Laser is the permanent hair free solution and that’s why is so expensive; from my experience, it really works, although you must do 8 to 12 sessions instead of 4 to 6 (as most treatment houses publicize) to get that hair free for good (in most cases, one annual or biannual treatment to each area will be required)

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