More about the Changed Man swimsuits/sex suits

The Changed Man suits are sold as swimwear but they have many other uses. I would venture a guess that most of our customers use them as underwear most of the time, sex wear and swimwear in that order. Used with tight jeans or leggings of any type your fat lipped pussy thanks to the Changed Man design will show through like any girls beautiful camel toe.  One of my personal favorite things to do is to slip on a Changed Man is to position my instant vagina so it is as sexy as can be and then have my pussy licked and played with until I am good and wet.  The way the penis is pushed inside and held in place makes it not only look like a slight clit bulge but when the area is stimulated it no longer feels like a penis. My mind sees it as a clit and when it is kissed, licked and fingered it gets wet and the sensation is something completely different then shaft stimulation. I think it is as close as a man can come to feeling what it is like to be a woman. Amazing, a complete turn-on and fantastic foreplay.

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2 thoughts on “More about the Changed Man swimsuits/sex suits”

  1. A very cleverly designed suit. It took me some time and guidance from Michael to wear and then I need a little help from a strip of sticking plaster to ensure that my average-sized penis stays retracted.

    Mens swimwear

  2. Great commentsnabout the changed man design!Having exposed balls to lick and stroke is wonderful for both parties! I hadn’t thought about the cock head nub feeling like a clit when sucked in this suit, but I have to try it!!!

    I also wanted to request that this suit be offered with a smaller or no bulge for the dick head, that would permit a ftatter look bypushing the cock in.

    I love this suit and the great pussy effect it provides. I wish there were more photos post showing giys with small tight balls as well as the guys with the big low hangers!

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