What does your doctor say

I just went in for a skin check-up to my dermatologist today. Haven’t been for a couple years and wanted to check a couple thinks out and have the birthday suit checked for skin cancer something I think all us sun gods should stay up on. My regular much older lady doctor did not make it in today so I ended up with a 32 year old doctor. I showed her the few things I wanted to check including a couple small things that were easily zapped with heat. She said you are very dark and I want to do a complete  head to toe exam for skin cancer. No problem I said. Little did she know I am naked around women at work all the time so it really does not bother me. When she was looking at my backside she said you wear a very small bathing suit which I agreed with and she kept going. No moles, no nothing anywhere on my skin other than it being dry. She gave me some things to take away the dryness and sent me on my way. Wonder if she said anything to the girls in the office, shaved with no pubes and he wears a very tiny suit? Most doctors do not say much or even acknowledge your tan line. Wonder what your experiences have been? Any thing funny or interesting. Speak up!

We are still on target for the new designs, the anal spark style suits have been the hottest sellers this last month along with the Changed man suits and we are doing a Pool shoot this Thursday with Gabe.

Mens swimwear

Hot new Brazilian Design and lots of bikini models

Hit the beach with a friend today and just relaxed trying to enjoy these end of the season days some of which are the very best beach days. While we were there a photo shoot was taking place with about ten very hot girls in bikini and some in Brazilian ass exposing bikinis.
All were drop dead beautiful. Has the camera girl was shooting away they were busy bouncing around, getting close and intense with each other and just having a great time. As a photographer it was fun seeing how a big time shoot works. This must of been for a magazine. It was run very well but the thing again that sticks in my mind is how at ease and natural the girls are with their bodies touching each other and basking in their sexuality.
I’m sure it shows in the shots. Wonder if men will ever evolve to this level of free spirited relaxed joy with their fellow men?

As we get closer to the new eighteen suit 2012 collection, we are still looking solid for early November I have another new design to tell you about. This is a Brazilian bikini with a high back style that cover a lot of your lower back(for a bikini) but shows a ton of exposed ass.
It is very sexy and this new design works with the Ass Spark. There is metal exposed but it is your secret as to what it is doing there. This will be a fantastic suit to be seen in.

Mens Swimwear

New Swimwear and new sex wear

It is funny to say swimwear and sexwear because to me it is all sex wear. Spandex gets me hard and gets me wet. It was that way when I young and it is still that way. When I try on new suits I get hard almost on contact just like and 18 year old. I have always enjoyed the way spandex feels on my cock, how a g-string feels up my ass, how sex suits feel when they split my balls and position my shaft for play. That said I am always looking to create interesting products that will keep us all happy and excited when summer is over yet we still crave the feel of spandex. One of the new designs I was writing copy for today is a new sheer full back bikini with a full size male form Penis pouch. This will be a fun suit to wear at the beach but is so comfortable you could wear them as undies all day long.
The second design is one of our most radical and the expensive ever. It is based on the Diablo design which not only perks up your sexual fun but it makes masturbation even more fun too. This design has a large stainless steel butt plug connected to it and this ramps up the intensity of the design big time. I know that is hard t believe but with rings and plug working together the out come is a very happy you.

Mens swimwear

Just letting you know

Just wanted to let you know that the new Koala newsletter is out today.

You can check it on this link

Talked to my girls this morning and we are still on track for the new designs to be ready
the start of November.

Doing an underwater photo shoot next week with Carlos of KMC
with Gabriel who is not only hot but very into spandex!

g-string run and playing with new stuff

I love the NFL! It makes my drive down to the beach on Sunday so fast. I can make it there in about 17 minutes which I did and back in about the same time. It would be great if the NFL season was in the middle of the summer. I spent Saturday and Sunday at the beach and both days were just beautiful. Saturday just was out by myself wearing my g-string and enjoying the sun. No waves so al the time was in the sun. Sunday went down with a couple girl friends and they talked me in to taking a run on the beach. I was going to put a bikini on over my g-string but they talked me out of it. They were both wearing bikini but I guess they wanted to see my g-string bounce just like I enjoy seeing their tits bounce. Good trade off.
There were not that many people at the beach and the only reason I can think of is all the NFL games. Mostly women and I think my bouncing g-string got the most attention.
Was working on more new designs today when I decided to pull out the Penetration suit and see if that style would work with the new silicone Ass Spark coming out. I am glad I did because I thought the new silicone units were to big to use with the suits designed to be used with the metal Ass Sparks. It is a tight fit but for you guys that already have these suit designs
(all the ones that work with the Ass Spark metal cock ring anal plugs) your suits will work. They are a tight fit but they do work. With some lube and a little help I put on the Penetration suit with the Silicone Ass Spark sample I have and it fit and looked fantastic. We will make designs that will work for both metal and silicone Ass Sparks that will be easier to slip the new units in but it great that they will work with all the suits you already have!

Mens swimwear