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All of the above are favorite topics of mine. I love wearing micro suits, sheer suits and having sex that starts with Lycra spandex swimwear. Spandex has given me an instant hard-on for as long as I can remember. I was wearing the Wet Works Thong during the photo shoot the other day. It has a micro penis shaped pouch even guys as small as me can fill them up all the way and some. It turned the model on because he came right over and started sucking my cock while the suit was on and it sure felt great. The suit works very well and the pouch expands as your cock grows. Over the weekend I hit a pool party with friends girls and guys. I was the only guy wearing something other than shorts though some of the guys ended up wearing nothing after a few drinks. The girls were in all in bikinis, thongs and some went nude as the night went on. Me being me opted for the Smoking Gun Micro. It is not only sheer and very sexy but  I can fill the pouch too no matter how small I might be and it grows as my cock gets hard something that happened a number of times that night. I can tell you that girls enjoy sucking on sheer covered spandex penis shaped pouches. Wonder if they would have liked the solid color as much?

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  1. hey md sure sounds like a hot photo shoot. hope the cock sucking was caught on tape. by the way did you cum in the spandex when the model was sucking your cock?

    a little

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