What’s going on at Koala

Yes I know I am a little behind on getting the new designs shot and online. The last couple of weeks have been difficult with my father being ill, family stuff trumps everything else. I am going to do the photo shoot early next week and then get all the new designs on the website within a few days after that. We have all the new designs in stock and I am very excited about getting them on a hot model.

This week has seemed like the second coming of summer. It has been hot as hell here and from what I see on the news it has been just beautiful throughout most of the country. This has been the busiest week of the summer and it is late August!

We still have some designs available from the August Newsletter Sale. If you can’t find the style listed or the size you need that means it is already out of stock.

5 thoughts on “What’s going on at Koala”

  1. Just got my new apex bulge bikini today. Awesome suit can’t wait to wear it to the beach. Going to water park over the weekend might take it with me there.

  2. I hope everything goes ok with your father, many firms in UK think they come first and you have to drop everything which has caused myself to tell them a few things, as like you family are first, followed by all my animals.

  3. Can’t for to see that new collection and order some to add to my personnal pleasure! My cock is hard, my ass is wet and I just want to feel some new spandex suit ony hot body while I take some sun!

  4. I just got some new suits that where going to be discontinued so I can wait for the new ones 🙂 but one thing I’d like to see is a ruffle design. You already do the extreme fem transformation suits so why not girl it up! The ruffle around the edge of bottoms is very fashion forward at the moment and I’d live to see some!

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