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I think by now you know that I love going to the beach. I find it one of the most pleasurable, relaxing and rejuvenating things to do. I will never be mistaken a bodybuilder though I do try hard to stay in shape. The fact is the tiny thong I wear is a little feminine not because it is a transformation style (it is a bulge pouch style) but because from a distance most men wearing them look female even to me. Things will likely remain that way until many more men are wearing them. The beach I hang out at the most is Venice and there are a lot of guys wearing bikinis and thongs so when I am walking down to the water I am not always defaulting to female when I look at people. That said I believe women have some of the most amazing bodies on the planet, just beautiful and if someone mistakes you as one especially when you are wearing so little I find that to be a total compliment. This happens more often with men because men are truly hound dogs always on the lookout for someone who visually arouses them. That is why most of us gay, straight or bi will see either a man or women wearing a thong and we want to get a closer look. It is totally natural. Women do the same thing but they are not nearly as blatant as men, that is unless they have had a few drinks and then they can as bad, even worse than men. I had a group of at least six women set up right next to me on Saturday and each one of them had something to say about me, thinking I was a woman as they walked up. They did not say anything mean in fact I liked them talking about the way I looked in my suit but they were so loud everyone else around us could hear them guessing if I was gay or straight, how big my cock was (one of them said how small it might be but you can’t be angry about the truth) and other silly things. It was obvious they had been drinking and as soon as they sat down they were busy having more beers. Some guys might have been a little rattled by all this but I figured what the hell if I am going to wear swimsuits so micro I am going to get catcalls every now and then. I got up and strutted down to the water making sure they all got a great look at my very tan ass, I even did a nice deep bend to touch the water so they would get an eyeful! In a silly little way I find it all empowering.



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  1. I too loved to prance around the gay area of my local nude beach in your swimwear. Getting aroused by the attention and solicitations of other men, gay naked men. A lot of hot bodies, gawkers and twinks. Im straight, maybe bi or trans curious but always faithful to my sexy wife.

  2. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets turned on looking at all the hot gear but I found myself incredibly turned on while perusing another swimwear site. There was a chat screen that popped up on my screen and I thought ” hmmmmm I wonder…..” Lol!!!!
    So I clicked and was asking about shorts with a centerseam up the ass and the person(?) was directing me to different items. I was getting more aroused and explained to person(?) that it was a great turn on …. And they replied ” yes it is” . So I stated again what I was looking for and why and that all this was extremely ” exciting” and that I was aroused. Person(?) then said ” enjoy your shopping experience and was gone . Lol well there went my shopping and sexting experiment!
    Kinda like going to a lingerie store , trying stuff on and asking the attendant for their opinion! All kinds of a turn on !! Especially when others are in the store!!! Luv it!!!!

  3. My observations are the same as yours. I’ve met many women over the years who wanted to take a good look at me when I was wearing a g-string at the beach. Some of them would go diving into their beach bags to grab a camera for a quick shot. Others steal glances when they walk by. One woman walked down the beach behind me staring at my bare butt. She had a somewhat nervous little laugh when I turned to step into the water and took a quick side glance at her. And yes, she was totally sober.

    Like you I find the whole thing empowering. I’ve always been a bit of “male wallflower,” but when I’m on the beach in a g-string or wearing one of my sexy costumes at a Halloween party, I get more attention than any other guy in the area or the room. All it takes for me is a little courage to display my true nature.

    Your observation that men look more feminine when they are wearing a thong or g-string is spot on. Women and men are of the same species, and when you strip away the clothing that society uses to define the sexes, the similarities become more obvious. Of course in my case the fact that I shave my body completely smooth when I go to the beach re-enforces that image.

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