Just did a male chastity shoot!



Last night we did a male chastity shoot and boy is my little cock sore today. Trying on so many cock cages gets me so aroused, just not when I am wearing the cages. Lucky for me I had a happy ending after we were finished which eased the pain quite a bit but those anti release rings sure are scary. Do any of you notice how big your loads are after having your cock locked away for hours on end? All the gear ended up looking great and one of the new cock cages is by far the smallest I have ever found. For you more endowed boys we even have some new cages for your ample cocks! All the new male chastity gear and a couple extremely cool new cock rings should be online in a week or so. It’s Friday afternoon and the only thing I can think about is getting to the beach in the morning and getting wet any way I can. I hope you have a chance to get wet too this weekend.


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3 thoughts on “Just did a male chastity shoot!”

  1. I have recently started to get involved in male chastity, and I do love your swimwear. So when are you going to marry the two?

    You can’t wear a cage with your fem suits(though the fem suits are a chastity device itself). Nor can you wear them with the cock sheath suits.

    1. We do offer a suit designed to be used with male chastity cock cages
      Chastity Slave G-string
      CS3377 – $34.00


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