Huge Koala December Newsletter Sale Update and information!!!!



First for those who have not yet had a chance to check out our biggest sale ever with the lowest prices we have ever offered here is the link: Koala Sale

Make the holidays absolutely amazing with your favorite spandex designs and make sure to try something new!

We have been getting non-stop e-mails with questions about the sale so I thought I might take a moment to explain what is happening. We are discontinuing the largest number of designs ever. This is for two reasons 1: we are out of space and we need to make room for new items on there way. 2: is our production capacity is such that we are finding it difficult to get new collections to market while still trying to fill backorders for such a huge selection of designs so we decided to concentrate on the new styles and keep the very best selling designs as stock items. This means we are clearing out a lot of styles our customers and I love. Once we are out of a size that option will be removed from the site and that is why sometimes you can choose a style but not find your size. Some of the items we are already completely out of even though the sale has been on for just a few days. If you select a style and nothing goes to your cart you know it is no longer available. It is hard for me personally to let go of many of these designs that I have enjoyed immensely but there really is no other choice and at least I know Koala customers will get to enjoy them at amazing deals to boot.


Michael David


7 thoughts on “Huge Koala December Newsletter Sale Update and information!!!!”

  1. Michael was asking for ideas for crossdresser,femwear and male to female transformation .
    As a CD, I’d like to see pretty frilly panties cut for men. Some women’s panties fit pretty good, but others do not.
    I have 18 different KOALA swimsuits, just love them all !
    Keep up the great work and thanks for asking !

    1. As a crossdresser is there any other types of products you are looking for? Thanks for Loving our designs!!!!!

  2. Could you please create something as erotic for women wear? i would like something titillating like pearls along the crotch area going up like a sling bikini. something sexy.

    1. Hi it’s hard enough to get the men’s stuff made!
      Send me any photos of designs you like


  3. Hey MD..i had an idea I sent some pics via Twitter for visuals .and if you use idea will the suit be named after person with idea? I wanna see a hot pair of shorts that are cut exactlyb like deep penetration shorts but open bottom/crotch like luck shorts/ And leave in the mounting rings that are in deep penetration shorts so you can sell different insert that attach to the rings example:butt plug holder comes with penetration shorts…i just read some one wants more women’s stuff….. with the attachment ring you can make the strands of pearls, the hot ring to keep your ass hole open.the strap on vagina. All that fun in tight stretchy lace.and if suit gets picked can that person be invited to photo standing tall after those thoughts.please pick guys give me a boner

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