Male chastity and spandex: why are they together?

Male chastity and spandex: why are they together?

That is a question I have asked myself many times and the reason why I ask is that for many years was only swimwear, micro swimwear. We are known for our extreme designs, micro shorts, micro bikinis, minimal styles, extreme tights and more. We are at the core total spandex freaks and proud of it. Over the years we have added more and more products. Our store within a store “The Cock Ring Corner” has one of the largest selections of top quality cock rings and that all started via customer requests. Personally I have always been a cock ring user but I never made the connection between wearing a cock ring and wearing spandex fashions, when you think about it wearing a cock ring with spandex makes a ton of sense. We just needed our customers to guide us in the right direction. That brings me to our store within a store “Male Chastity Store” which offers as far as I know the world’s largest and most complete collection of male chastity devices.

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  1. Once you have gone to the effort of that just-right swimsuit, it’s only natural to then want to perfect the presentation. I like the solutions that enhance what you have without pretending through, say, the use of padding. What can be seen is all you. A contrast with many bikini tops and bras today, where the idea seems to be to pretend your bust is one or two sizes bigger than they really are, yet nipples don’t exist! An inferior result compared to letting the natural form shine.

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