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Thanks for all the posts about tights. I love tights and I am happy to hear that many of you would be interested in wearing them too. I am still in the very early planning stages of deciding what to do and I have some thoughts to run by you. This is what my perfect pair of tights would be like. I would want tights that can be used in the real world, ones needless to say that would be very sexy, no point in making the same thing that is already out there. The first question would be how to handle the bulge. I think the first pair of tights would be in a grey single ply very stretchy spandex fabric. My feeling is visually grey is both very athletic and it also shows off the curves very well. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of the girls wearing grey tights! This first style would not feature a bulge style pouch but would highlight the shape of the penis against the fabric. The tights would offer a deep seam in the rear so the shape of the cheeks showing them split would be a center point of the design. I like the idea of having the shape of the penis show through the fabric rather than in a bulge pouch. If tights turned out to be a popular addition we would definitely add bulge styles too but personally I think I would wear the type that shows cock through fabric more eagerly in public than a bulge pouch which is very much in your face. My second style tight would be a similar to the first but in a spandex blend. This softer fabric is something I have only seen for women and I have no idea why it is not available for men. I would introduce a small bulge style pair of tights and then a larger bulge style. While I was working out the other day I noticed a woman working out in a pair of tights made of such thin looking spandex that they almost looked like skin.  The tights did not offer much support but they sure looked sexy talk about being in a public place with a nude experience. I will be looking into that fabric too.


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  1. I’m thinking your ideas are not that far off. But come on, at Koala your designs are cutting edge, are they not????!!!!

    It’s got to be in white, not gray, and its got to be extreme!!!!!

    I’d say its got to be……… Bulge enhancing pouch, extra tight fit and in a material that shows it all off!!!!

    Go for it !!!

  2. Love the tights idea. I wear tights all winter long and hate the fact that they are so ungendered. They dont flatter my ass or my junk. If u were to make be one of the first on the list

  3. Michael, I have been wearing tights for running for many years, and like the compression type so much, it has carried over to wearing them all the time in the house.
    I agree with the direction you are going, looking for a center seam to accent your cheeks, I would want the spandex to highlight or show the head of my penis too, as long as they are really skin tight, to show off everything. They need to be SKIN TIGHT. Every company that makes tights have this draw string at the waist, and you hear people talking about fishing out that string inside the waist band eventually. I would design a pair that uses Velcro and incorporate it as a 1”to1.5” belt, so they are tight around the waist and don’t slide down.
    Looking forward to seeing what design you come up with.
    Full length would be my vote.

    1. Love this ‘tight’ tight idea. Thinner the material the better and have to be ass hugging. Maybe very low waisted? Like the non-pouch idea. Your flamingo shorts are the best…really climb into your ass. Maybe some VERY brief shorts in a VERY thin material.
      Your products are fantastic in both quality and look.

  4. Michael,
    you’ve just described the thights I want to wear for running!
    Please, include a small key pouch – and no, not located on the ass crack, but more to the side.

  5. Michael…I think you are onto something. Though I’ve never worn tights…I believe the gray color and the non-bulge is the way to do. I’ve noticed professional wrestlers often use that type of front and it has a way of clearly showing in an on-again off-again way. In the only video I ever saw of a “penis-slip” wrestler, the opponent of the person in questioned actually showed off even more by wearing tights (a gray-black) that had no pouch. Keep your creative juices flowing. Your idea is the superb. Don’t let anyone take you too far off from it.

  6. It might be interesting to consider a seam in the back, but no seam in the front. That way you would avoid having to “position” on one side of the front seam, and if the material is stretchy and thin enough it would allow for some nice definition.

    Very stretchy and thin material only become a problem when you’re wearing something underneath that you can see though. It’s okay if they’re a little transparent if there’s nothing beneath to contrast. I suspect that most of your customers will either wear these alone, or will wear an appropriate thong, that you can’t see. So, a little bit of transparency when being worn could be a plus.

    The trick is getting them provide definition in back with the seam, but also having them contour in front without a seam. Maybe some sort of dart at the bottom, and you could do a seam horizontal at the top of each thigh.

    I also think that gray is the way to go.

    It would be great if they were truly “appropriate” enough to wear in the real world while exercising, and I think a big pouch would result in them being only for more private use…which is not as fun.

  7. excellent to see you headed in this direction.
    More and more men are starting to wear tights..I have been, mainly for sport and at the gym….i usually just use compression however i am moving towards the sexy feeling ones and this is where I think you should start. I like Wills suggestion of skin tight and I agree initially about no bulge style only because im not in a place that really socially accepts men in tights, let alone with their bulge in your face…I need to be progressive. but im out there at least..your range is about the feeling of sexyness as well as the look so go for it. give me functional spandex, that looks and feels great, id like to see a range of colours and personally I want black…let em look twice to see my bulge..and they will look, but play with designs and even adding sheer material perhaps. .well placed vents to keep you cool shall we say.

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