Choosing the best swimwear style for your body

Choosing the best swimwear style for your body

It’s funny how different styles look better than others on any given day. I generally go with my default which is a micro thong. This works great for my body since I have a fairly large round ass that craves attention and a very small penis which craves the minimal amount of coverage. My body enjoys the fell of being almost nude and generally wearing less sometimes way less than anyone else on even the busiest beaches. There are times when my body is not in the mood to wear a tiny thong and I feel that I look better in a bikini or a pair of micro shorts. If I am taking long walks on the beach one of my personal favorite suits to wear is the Party Girl bikini, it fits me to perfection and has enough coverage in the rear so even if we are walking over to Santa Monica pier which can have thousands of people I still feel like I’m wearing enough and I am finally used to having the front pouch look like a tiny vagina, it’s so sexy and so confusing. When I’m really active playing volleyball or body surfing I will go with a pair of micro shorts. I keep a few different ones around and go with the ones that look best that day though my choice is always going to be one that shows a lot of cheek, that’s just me.

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2 thoughts on “Choosing the best swimwear style for your body”

  1. Definitely cheeky or thong swimwear with cheeky short shorts as a cover up. By the way, when are you going to have a swimwear sale Michael? I’d like to have the boy toy bikini on sale.


  2. I’ll bet the Party Girl would get some double- or even triple-takes. First the bikini, then the small front, then the flat front…

    The only downside is you don’t get to see them check-out your rear once they have past you. Perhaps an accomplice should research from a few paces behind.

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