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Bikini waxing for men


If you have been into wearing micro swimwear for a long time you most likely have checked into getting a bikini wax. For those few that are unfamiliar with what a bikini wax is here’s the info. You go to a beauty shop or a waxing studio and you strip down most often completely nude for a full bikini wax. Most of the time it will be a woman working on you but some spots feature men. You are more apt to find male at salons doing waxing in major cities. I have had both men and women give me Brazilian wax and there is no difference. It all has to do with skill and experience (you do not want to be one of their first) Using hot wax that is spread on the bikini line, the butt, the hole and if you choose the shaft and balls, on in small areas at a time and then ripped away with a fabric strip. The hair comes off with the fabric along with the wax. It hurts but in a strange way feels good too. There are few things as sexy a freshly waxed full Brazilian. The great thing is no versus just a few years ago most places will do a full Brazilian on a man. It used to be hard to find places that worked on guys but now you can find them all over the place. If you decide to go with a full Brazilian wax make sure to have Tendskin (a product we stock but you can also find at most beauty supply stores)to keep the red irritation bumps away.

Going with a classic bikini


It cooled down quite a bit this weekend and we even had a little rain, very little but better than nothing at all. I went to the gym this morning and did a full workout with weights, cardio on the elliptical and decided after all that to swim some laps. I had a couple of the new shorts in my bag but in the corner of my bag I spotted one of our most classic designs, The Pleasure Chest. It is an amazingly sexy white design with rings on the side. The lines are just about as perfect as a bikini gets. It offers enough coverage so as not to get me in trouble and the only real issue is it is almost completely see through when wet . This is the case with most white swimsuits that are constructed without liners. The pool was not overly crowded so I figured why not. I changed in the locker room but threw on my shorts because the bikini is a little too revealing to wear walking out to the pool, once on I grabbed my towel and googles. The few minutes between taking a look out at the pool and changing into my suit brought in a bunch of people. Most were teenage girls who were literally gawking at me when I pulled my shorts off. I did laps for about a half an hour and talked to a couple friends who were doing the same. By that time the girls were in the Jacuzzi. I knew if I got out of the pool my bikini would be almost completely sheer so I waited a while to see if they were going to leave. Not going anywhere I decided to get out of the water quickly, grab my towel and head to the locker room. Everything went as planned until one of the girls whistled at me and the others turned to look.  By then I had my cock covered but my butt was exposed. They were just being teenage girls but the cat calls did embarrasses me a little. I think it bothered me because I was just not prepared for it, after all it was all in good fun and I don’t think they were trying to embarrass me. It’s funny how bikinis attract so much attention. I wear the Koala micro shorts in the pool all the time and I get plenty of compliments from guys and girls, sure there is the occasional homophobic fool that has a smart ass comment to make but that is the exception rather than the rule. Maybe they were starring because the suit was see-thru?


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