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Question about sport tights



I see lots of girls wearing extremely sexy workout tights with sheer panels. I’m not sure if it is a fad or a trend but I do like they way they look. I would like your opinion on how high the panels should go. Most of the ones the ladies are wearing do not seem to go anywhere near the crotch or even the panty-line with the sheer panels. My thought was having the panel go up the side almost to the top of the waist band to show you are wearing nothing larger than a thong but most likely nothing at all underneath. Your thoughts?


The fitting ended up being on Friday with a big surprise!


We ended up doing the fitting this last Friday and it went extremely well. Over the next week I will blog about a few more new designs and about all the days I spent at the beach this last week. The big surprise was all the new men’s workout tights the girls had ready for me to try on, this was completely unexpected. Let me first bring you up to date on my men’s tights odyssey. I have mentioned tights numerous times in past blogs. I love wearing and working out in men’s tights also known as compression tights. I think the concept of skin tight leggings that you can wear to the gym is a wonderful idea and I have been seeing more and more guys wearing them. I need to go to the West Hollywood gym to see if even more men are wearing them there. West Hollywood is usually well ahead of the fashion curve. The tights Nike, Under Armor and all the other sports gear companies make are sexy and look great but they are sexy in a Speedo sort of way which is to say they are sexy functional but not overtly made to be sexy. I had not been able to find my dream pair of tights and if any of those sports companies were making them then we would not bother doing it. The fact is no one makes tights that sexy and I have ordered over thirty different brands. A Koala customer told me about a company that makes amazing form fitting work out tights for women in Europe. I contacted them, told them what I wanted and a hundred dollars a pair later I received the closest tights to my vision. Close to what I was thinking about and super sexy but not perfect though they did give me a base to work off of.


Continued next post


Men’s Swimwear

More ideas about tights


Thanks for all the posts about tights. I love tights and I am happy to hear that many of you would be interested in wearing them too. I am still in the very early planning stages of deciding what to do and I have some thoughts to run by you. This is what my perfect pair of tights would be like. I would want tights that can be used in the real world, ones needless to say that would be very sexy, no point in making the same thing that is already out there. The first question would be how to handle the bulge. I think the first pair of tights would be in a grey single ply very stretchy spandex fabric. My feeling is visually grey is both very athletic and it also shows off the curves very well. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of the girls wearing grey tights! This first style would not feature a bulge style pouch but would highlight the shape of the penis against the fabric. The tights would offer a deep seam in the rear so the shape of the cheeks showing them split would be a center point of the design. I like the idea of having the shape of the penis show through the fabric rather than in a bulge pouch. If tights turned out to be a popular addition we would definitely add bulge styles too but personally I think I would wear the type that shows cock through fabric more eagerly in public than a bulge pouch which is very much in your face. My second style tight would be a similar to the first but in a spandex blend. This softer fabric is something I have only seen for women and I have no idea why it is not available for men. I would introduce a small bulge style pair of tights and then a larger bulge style. While I was working out the other day I noticed a woman working out in a pair of tights made of such thin looking spandex that they almost looked like skin.  The tights did not offer much support but they sure looked sexy talk about being in a public place with a nude experience. I will be looking into that fabric too.


Men’s swimwear and fetish wear

Happy New Year!


I hope and wish you a wonderful New Year filled with good health, happiness and lots of sexy swimwear and fetish wear!

We will do everything we can to help you with the sexy stuff and adding additional happiness into the mix.

We should have an update in the next few days on how the production of the new collection is coming along and how long it will be until it is online. We will also be shooting some new chastity and anal gear products in the next week or so.  I am even thinking about adding men’s spandex workout tights to our line. I am just exploring this right now but I would love to hear what you think about it. Would you be interested in wearing workout tights? Do you think they are sexy?


Best wishes for the New Year

Michael David



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