Photo shoot

Hallelujah we finished the photo shoot for all the new fall 2014 swim and fetish wear designs. The shoot went very well. We had a new and very nice looking very muscular 20 year old model from the Ukraine. Vlad took right to the designs and had no problems with even the wildest swimsuits. He is quite a bit different from most of our past models. He actually has body hair. All the hairless shots are me helping out and I had to end up doing the feminine style suits because at 20 years old he just could not get rid of his erection long enough to get them on. We had a beautiful young female helper/fluffer and every time she came near him he became hard as a rock. All the photos have been sent to Carlos our web designer and I hope he can get it done by early next week. I will keep you posted.

What’s going on at Koala

Yes I know I am a little behind on getting the new designs shot and online. The last couple of weeks have been difficult with my father being ill, family stuff trumps everything else. I am going to do the photo shoot early next week and then get all the new designs on the website within a few days after that. We have all the new designs in stock and I am very excited about getting them on a hot model.

This week has seemed like the second coming of summer. It has been hot as hell here and from what I see on the news it has been just beautiful throughout most of the country. This has been the busiest week of the summer and it is late August!

We still have some designs available from the August Newsletter Sale. If you can’t find the style listed or the size you need that means it is already out of stock.

Girl day at the beach


Well it was a girl day for me but maybe not what you are thinking. The beach was packed mid-day but I found a great spot while I was walking along the shore wearing my micro swimsuit under my short shorts. I did not walk very far maybe a third of a block but I passed two guys wearing total G-strings (they looked like Koala!) camped out right on the water and around tons of people. I was very proud of them but there were so many people around I needed a little more peace after a hectic week. On the beach I spotted a number of guys in bikinis and in a group of mid-twenties guys and girls playing volleyball two men wearing bikinis. It was very sexy. I picked out a nice fairly quiet for the time being spot and went right to relaxing. The second my towel was down the shorts came off and I was wearing my micro swimsuit. There were sets of large waves but they were breaking too close to the shore so I went in for a dip wearing just my little suit. There were pretty much only girls around me at the time which makes it that much easier to do. Once out and dripping wet I got back on my towel. Relaxing on my back with my knees bent so as not to get sand on my exposed legs I could see my pouch was almost none existent.  Knees being in the up position is something you see girls doing about ten times more than guys and the look is very feminine. I like to go with the feeling and just let myself enjoy it. Not five minutes later I hear a couple walking up and I hear the guy ask wear should we sit. Let’s sit next to her and a minute later their towels were right next to mine. As it turns out the girl in her mid-forties was wearing a very nice Brazilian bikini. Five minutes later a couple of girls were walking over and the same thing happened, let’s put our stuff near that girl. They set up on the other side of me. Both in their late teens or early twenties started giggling as they put their stuff down almost instantly realizing I was not a girl. I believe girls in micro swimsuits are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet and if I am being confused for one I find that a total turn-on.


Mens Swimwear

Busy beach time

Busy beach time

So many crazy things going on in my life but I found a few hours to hit the beach and suck in some of the best air on the planet. Fresh air right off the ocean does a great job of energizing me. The beach cleared up in the afternoon and by the time I got there it was very busy. I picked out a nice little spot with a handful of people but after an hour or so there even that spot was packed. No guys wearing anything sexy in my area but as it turned out I was surrounded by girls.


One beautiful lady right across from me had a bulge almost as big as mine! Either mine is extremely small which it is in my tiny pouch or her bulge was on the large side. She was very trim and was wearing a sexy bikini but my guess is she had some scrumptious meat in that package.

Two very cute young women about 18 or 19 literally set their towels two feet away from me looking right up between my legs. My take on this might be a little different than you would initially think. My thought is that they were just so at ease with their bodies and others that it completely did not matter that I was almost nude. They seemed to be totally relaxed about it. I’m sure they took a good look but they were just chilling and relaxing as was I.

I did have another funny thing happen. I walked to my car wearing just my tiny bikini and a tank. A very brave thing to do on such a busy dayJ  there was a lady who was walking along the beach and started to catch up with me. She looked extremely thin wearing a bikini top and shorts but with very strong legs, maybe a runner. She caught up with me looked me over and said you know I found these sunglasses while I was walking the other day and today I found twenty dollars which I am going to use to buy a bottle of wine. She than told me I should always be looking down when I walk on the beach and that there is a lot of stuff to find. Close up I could see she was completely anorexic, which in itself is a terrible thing. I wanted to suggest maybe food would be a better choice than wine but I knew that would not be helpful. She was not completely with it. She walked with me to my car and I told her to enjoy her wine.  She looked me up and down and asked if I wanted to join her. I have some friends to see but maybe next time. There is always something interesting happening at Venice.


Men’s Swimwear

Update on new designs


The latest update as of this morning has us looking at a mid to late August release. Our girls are doing their best but it has been slow going. I’m sorry it is taking so long but I am so excited about the new designs that I know it will be worth the wait. Speaking about waiting our entire beach going weekend was blown out by this crazy monsoon weather. Literally  no sun was out this weekend and I really was in the mood to show off my tiny bulge :-)

Extreme swimwear and turning the corner.

Extreme swimwear and turning the corner.

I missed the lightning and rain today which out here is a very rare occurrence. Yesterday the beach was lovely and ever so crowded. I worked out hard in the morning and got to the beach early. I was lucky and a surfer was leaving just as I pulled up. I got parking almost on the beach. If you are from Los Angeles you know this is an amazing feat. I had on my tiny micro bikini covered by a pair of micro short shorts and a sleeveless tank top. The shorts were so small it almost looked like I was wearing a mini skirt. You could just barely see the end of the shorts and a hint of bulge peeking out. Though it was not busy yet I figured it might end up being very busy but decided not to bring anything bigger than my micro shorts.  I picked out a great spot and as it turned out many other people thought it was a great spot too. Tanning with just about my total ass exposed did not stop a ton of people from camping out right next to me. There were families with kids, twenty something girls, young guys playing soccer and throwing around the football along with couples and singles of all ages.  There were a couple guys wearing bikinis and a number of girls wearing thongs and Brazilians. There were so many people around me and yet my tiny swimsuit did not feel out of place. I started wondering to myself if we have finally turned the corner on acceptance of men wearing sexy swimwear. With so many people around I used my micro shorts over my bikini bodysurfing and again no one gave me a second look. No gawking. It was exceptional. Each time I got out of the water I would slide my shorts off to expose the tinniest swimsuit on the beach. It was a peaceful relaxing stress less day and I had this feeling that people are getting used to men wearing so little. I’ve always enjoyed the shock value of wearing micro swimsuits but acceptance is the ultimate goal with men being able to express themselves through fashion on an equal footing with the ladies.

This is what I look like from the rear wearing my bikini/thong minus the string sticking out which is an adjustment on a fem style suit with a vagina front. One coming out in August.




Have you ever been caught?



Not that it’s a big deal but the other day at the beach I was literally caught with my bikini off. If I am soaking wet and it’s time to go I will look around and make sure no one is looking or walking by and just quickly slide my swimsuit off and slip my shorts back on. I did my usual ritual of looking around and slipped them off right as a couple walked by from the side. I’m not sure how I possibly missed them but I did and I was in no man’s land with my bikini completely off and my shorts not on yet. Not that there was much too see because I was just out of the water and not more than an inch long. They just smiled and walked by and I have to admit it was one of those times where I panicked a little it definitely upped my heart rate. Have you ever ended up in a compromising situation like that?


Men’s Swimwear

Great beach day’s lots of thongs


I spent a few hours Saturday and most of the day Sunday with friends at the beach.  There were not that many men this weekend at least in my general area. I saw a couple guys in bikinis and one in a G-string. On the female side there were more thong’s than I have seen in a while in fact they even out-numbered Brazilian style bikinis. The trend this summer seems to be much more exposed cheer than just last year. I had on a bright yellow Sunburst micro bikini, the girls had on string bikinis but I could not talk my male friend out of taking his shorts off for something much smaller. We wear the same size and I had extra suits but he was just too shy to wear one. I wish I could figure out that mindset. With all the girls running around on the beach wearing so little why can’t we men get it together? I would like to hear how you got over wearing your micro swimsuit in public or if you are still too shy?


Men’s swimwear

Not all weeks are wonderful

OK so all weeks in paradise can’t be perfect and this one has sucked. Sorry I have not posted this last week but I was busy bulking up trying to lift weights and build up. I was eating a ton of meat and I ended up with a nasty case of Gout. I was in too much pain to go to the beach, layout and at times breathe. Sorry to be whining like a little bitch but it really did hurt. I am almost completely through it and I am definitely going to get some beach time this weekend. No way will I be wearing anything larger than tiny micro shorts in the water and depending on how crowded it is I might just be bodysurfing in a micro bikini. I never lay out in anything larger than my Streamline swimsuit though I might go with the Sunburst Micro.  There is nothing so attention getting as a micro swimsuit in bright Ferrari yellow.


Men’s swimwear