The pain and pleasure of men’s Swimwear and fetish wear

I spent all morning trying on new designs and as most of you know it is one of my favorite things to do at work. Today’s fitting went much better than the last time. Just about everything was great and the few that were not quite right were much closer to being perfect this time around. Most of the time it is a pleasure trying one our wild and very sexual designs but there are times of pain too. Everything was going great we were working on the cock style display shorts that have a built in penis shaped pouch. These shorts can be used with or without the cock pouch which opens some interesting options. The removable pouch was not fitting like I wanted it too which is like a second skin. The girls had made a few different styles and while trying them on I had to stay very hard the entire time. That was the easy part because the pouch itself is very form fitting and with the girls pulling it off and on multiple times and my cock being kept happy with some lotion it is and exercise in pleasure. The pain came in when we were working on the new penis stretcher. This is a design we have been trying to do for a number of years and one of our customers spurred me back into action. We off a number of very popular penis stretchers but we do not have one that works well under shorts. We have finally got it right and will be offering this unit that you can use on its own in the comfort of your home or under shorts and even pants. This unit offers amazing stretching capacity for the balls and the shaft. It gives you the option of stretching both the shaft and balls, just the balls or just the shaft. While the girls were getting me set up in it one of them forgot to put her finger under one of the shaft straps and pinched my poor shaft while she was tightening it. It hurt like hell for a second and left a red mark which went away later in the day. Please remember to always keep your finger under any adjustable strap whether it is on the balls, shaft or around the entire cock while tightening it. You finger should always be between the metal rings and your skin so it does not pinch. Between the pleasure and the pain it only took a few minutes of a lotion massage before I had an orgasm. The things we do for work:-)


Spandex Love

I just purchased a tight Nike sleeveless compression shirt today in black. I caught my eye while I was in the sporting goods store. My thought is that this skin tight shirt would look perfect with my black thong and together they would look like a one piece thong leotard on me. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it. I have decided if I make it down to the beach for a little R & R this week that will be my outfit. It might even motivate me to take a run along the beach wearing both. I’m not sure if it is a personality defect or not but spandex elevates my heart rate. Guess it is just a long term love affair.


Men’s Swimwear


Swim and fetish wear fittings are always fun but not always perfect


Today was one of those not so perfect days when it comes to trying on new designs. Most of what I tried on today needed to go back for revisions. Pouches that were not perfect, micro shorts with leg lengths not short enough or showing enough cheek, ass stretcher plugs not in the right position for penetration and the list goes on. It was just one of those days. That said it is always fun to have your penis handled, to be penetrated in front of a group of people, to be stretched, to have your cock changed into a vagina and so on. Just another day at the office:-)

We did have one exceptional happening today on a product we have been trying to get just right for a number of years. We have what I believe and our customers tell us are awesome penis enlargement stretchers. The one thing we have never had was a penis stretcher that works well when wearing pants or shorts. Something you can use when you leave the house, at work, driving in your car, going to the movies…you get the idea. The girls made my vision of this design just about perfect and that is after trying it for all these years. I did not know they were still working on it but one of the girls said she had a great idea for making it work and created the sample which I tried on today. It is nothing short of amazing and with a couple of tweaks it will see production in our next collection.


Men’s swimwear, male chastity gear and all sorts of anal treasures.

Photo shoot and no beach day thanks to the President


We had a fun photo shoot the other day doing all sorts of new male chastity cages, a few new Oxball products and some very interesting anal gear including a new double sided stainless steel dildo that one of the female models and myself had a great time with. These new items should be online in the next two to three weeks. The weather is still beautiful here and I wanted to take a few hours tomorrow and hit the beach but lucky for us President Obama will be in town and the traffic mess he brings with him makes the trip down there not worth doing. Guess I will have to wait for the weekend. I am going to see the girls on Friday and they have a number of new designs for me to try on. Hope the fem shorts are ready to go!


Just in case you missed it last post the Koala Newsletter is available now!


Days at the beach and the Koala Newsletter

I have spent so many days in a row going to the beach this last week I almost felt like I was on vacation. I just had to get away from the 104 degree weather in the Valley. Needless to say I was not the only one there. I have lots to talk about and will do my best to post a number of times this week. I know I slacked off last week. Sorry. The Koala Newsletter Sale has begun. Feel free to use this link to read the newsletter and check out the sale.

New Ass Sparks



This post is for all present Ass Spark lovers and future Ass Spark lovers. We have a number of new stainless steel Ass Spark designs coming out late October. We just received stock of some of the new designs which are amazing and we are waiting for the next batch so we can do a photo shoot featuring them. All these new designs will work with your Ass Spark powered swim and fetish suits. There are a couple of new ones designed for men who are new to anal stimulation and there are ones for you bad boys of anal fun.

I wanted to let everyone know who was waiting for their Ass Spark Monster that they came in yesterday and they all shipped. Sorry about the delay but I guarantee it was worth the wait!


Mens swimwear

More about thongs


I enjoyed wearing a thong the other day so much so that I feel it is time to make an even more perfect one. I need a thong that covers very little, has a nice tight pouch and covers at least a little bit between the legs for when the police come to take a look. Too bad they are not coming by to take a lickJ I started sketching down some ideas. I want the top area of the rear to be a standard thong but I want to round it off before it goes between the cheeks with just a spaghetti style strap maybe a ¼” wide making the journey. I want the strap to travel right past the hole and fit snuggly against the anal area. Once it passes the hole right as it comes between the legs is where I will have some added fabric to give the illusion that everything is covered. Anyone wanting to know for sure would need to spread the cheeks and take a close look.

Thong stop at the beach


I had a meeting in Los Angeles for lunch Friday and after I got to relax for a few hours at the beach. I used the Sweet Boy Thong again and I must say that the orange color sure attracts its fair share of attention and on top of that is almost completely sheer when it is wet. Lucky for me my cock is not large enough to scare anyone and is just big enough to warrant a quick glance:-)

I was very brave on Friday wearing just the thong while walking from the car to the beach. I was walking with a little swish in the hips to really show off my ass as I passed the few girls that were lying out. This is something I see the girls wearing thongs do all the time and I love the way it looks. I did notice a couple unusual things as I got to my spot. It was not very busy for a Friday afternoon considering how beautiful it was outside and there were just three guys other than myself lying out by the water in my vicinity. All three men were wearing thongs or G-strings. One of the guys was amazing. Exercising by the water, boogie boarding and running up and down the entire beach all while wearing a tiny little G-string, too bad it was not a Koala. I have to give Kudos to him. I went in the water and my towel was right by the shore so all the runners and people walking the beach could see me. Not quite the level of exhibitionism the other guy was showing but still there showing up to be seen. When my time was up I packed up and headed back to my car wearing nothing but my little thong. I felt great about it but still a little nervous. I hope one day to be able to be as relaxed as all the girls that walk all over the beach to their cars and even to the stores wearing nothing more than me and being so ridiculously at ease with themselves.


Men’s Swimwear

The empowerment of the thong Part 2


There are few things that feel as good as wearing a thong standing by the pounding surf. I have been wearing a micro bikini for so long and forgot how it feels to operate without a net. I love micro bikinis and it is easy to wear them as a thong but when needed you have the option to pull out some extra fabric to make it a tiny bikini. That is a nice option on a busy beach and makes it feel a little safer. Last weekend I saw a number of girls walking and jogging on the beach wearing thongs. Some with big butts, some with perfect butts and some with just interesting butts they were all beautiful. Standing there in the shallow water with people walking by and a number of people on the beach around me I felt confident that I looked good and was very relaxed about just being there enjoying myself. I stayed in the water for a while and as I was there a beautiful younger girl say late twenties wearing a very sexy string bikini. She was tall, dark and lovely and standing right next to me. I said hi and commented on how beautiful the waves were.  We chatted up a bit and I mentioned that I had seen her here before. I come here all the time she said and I mentioned it was my favorite beach. It is mine too she said, never too crowded and interesting people.  We stayed by the water talking for a bit and then we both headed off to our towels. As it turns out she placed hers just a handful of feet away. I was on my stomach with my ass fully exposed and legs spread open a bit when the police rolled by both cops staring right between my legs. As I looked over they looked away and then at the girl. I wonder if they thought I was a girl or maybe I had something stashed between my legs in my tiny pouch or if the thong was covering my ass hole? I’m not sure but I know having them patrol the beach for swimwear violations has to be a colossal waste of tax money. I glanced over at my new friend and noticed she had her string bikini hiked up very high. Not quite a thong but a lot of her ass showing and most of that was silky white and by the looks of it, it had never seen the sun. I’m sure me wearing a thong inspired and empowered her to try it. That made a beautiful day even better!


Men’ swimwear