A great beach weekend. Sharing photos

This was insane even by LA standards: This weekend early February was as nice and warm as any summer weekend. I’m writing this post on Monday and it is still in the high eighties, I wonder what happened to winter? If I was not so busy at work I might have run off to the beach again today. Saturday and Sunday were both picture perfect days and the beach was incredibly busy. Sunday was packed right up until the Super Bowl game. There were not many guys but there were plenty of girls in thongs and Brazilian cut bikinis to share the beach with. I won the prize for wearing the absolutely most micro swimsuit, a tiny Monaco Micro.


I want our blog reader photos to be a worldwide event. Here are photos of Hirothn a Koala fan from Japan. Looking great! Send in your photos and let’s make you a spandex star. Hinc28@socal.rr.com

Sale Suits at Koala


DSC01574 DSC01577 DSC01589 DSC01596  Tiny little man pussy.DSC01601


Jack looking hot



Some encouragement on developing nice leggings for us.

Bottom pic is in Amsterdam. No prob wearing tights in public there.

My name is Jack, feel free to publish these on your blog.

And get them tights done! I want them!




We are working hard on them and we are almost there.



image5 image10 image7

The Stock Market is crashing and I love wearing cock displays!

The Stock Market has been crashing the last week or so including today. What a drag. It is always so depressing but lucky for us we can always slip on a sexy spandex suit. I say treat yourself to something special, I’m sure you have been a bad enough boy to deserve it. If you have a cock how could you not love wearing a cock display? Here are some shots of me wearing a Diablo cock display. Hope you like them enough to share some of your own! Hinc28@socal.rr.com



Men’s swimwear and fine cock displays!

IMG_0460 IMG_0462 IMG_0464 IMG_0466 IMG_0468


It’s been cold in LA but oh those tights. Tights update.


It has been non-stop cold here for the last couple weeks and we even had rain! Yesterday I had a meeting near the beach and decided to do my work-out on the sand rather than in the gym, though cool outside it was nice and sunny perfect for an intense session. My beach attire for the day was a compression tank and a white pair of the new Koala matt finished pouch sport tights. Before I go on let me give you an update. If the news sounds similar to past posts is because it is but with a ray of hope. I was told all the tights will be ready by the end of next week. On the plus side this might actually happen since thankfully my girls are all feeling much better. That nasty cold/flu has left us for greener pastures.  The matt white tights fit me so skin tight I felt like I was nude and the pouch which has enough stretch to handle a much larger cock kept my little guy looking great for the entire three hour high speed sand walk.  The matt tights are such a sexy look. I was jazzed to see a number or other male runners and walkers wearing tights. I wonder how many of them go without underwear and let their cocks enjoy the cool ocean breeze? I can’t be the only one. Virtually all the female walkers/runners are wearing tights so how amazing would it be if all the men switched to tights too. Even though the workout was intense the sound of the ocean and humming my favorite Bowie tunes made the afternoon awesome.


Men’s Swimwear and so much more!