The Fall line-up is out what’s next?


As most of you already know our Fall designs are online and ready to go. So what’s next? I am already working on a number of new designs some of which I just tried on today. One such design is a take-off of our extremely popular Cock Shorts. I received many e-mails asking me if we had something like that design with the option of fully exposing your cock. Years ago we had a design called the Bulls Eye shorts with the penis fully displayed. I decided to do the Cock shorts with a removable cock shaped pouch. I tried the first sample on today and the fit overall was excellent but the cock pouch which looked exactly like the one on the Cock Shorts did not fully cover the balls. We figured out what changes are needed and these shorts are going to be amazing. While wearing them with my cock hard and exposed, the built in adjustable cock ring does a very nice job of keeping me hard I realized we needed an additional model. We will be offering another design with the butt plug holder built in. Butt plug powered suits are extremely popular in our line but I think offering it both with and with-out will be the way to go. I have not had on a pair of Bulls Eye shorts for years and I forgot how much fun it is to walk around in short shorts with my cock on display. These should be a blast at a spandex party.


New styles going crazy and we still have some sale suits!


The new designs are online and the butt plug suits and shorts are going crazy. We had one of our busiest weekends ever! We will be working late tonight making sure everything goes out. I also wanted to let you know that I kept the sale suits from the August newsletter available at the sale prices. I had a number of customers say they wanted to wait for the new designs and order some of the sale suits at the same time.  I will keep that available for the next week or so. Here is a link to the sale designs to refresh your memory.  August Newsletter


See all the new designs here!

Men’s swimwear

What a pain in the ass! Oh and all the new suits are now online!

Our shopping cart was offline most of the day yesterday. Our cart and a thousand or so other companies! This made it very difficult for our customers to order and for that I apologize. The cart is now back online and working wonderfully which is good news because all of the new designs are now in stock and online!!! Just in time for fall! The fact is most Koala customers buy designs year around and they are not just used for the beach or pool. Many guys wear them as underwear or special occasion wear. I think fall is perfect for this collection and I hope you agree. This group of swimsuits, fetish suits and cock displays has a decidedly sexual flavor to them.

Hope you enjoy them! Michael David


Make sure to refresh your browser if the new designs do not come up.

Men’s Swimwear

We should have the new products online this week! A funny photo shoot moment


Carlos is busy working away on updating the site with all the new products. I wanted to mention another funny thing that happened at the photo shoot. I do much of the photography but I had another photographer there helping out.  Laura has a great eye and after working with us the last few times nothing she sees shocks her though at first she could hardly believe her eyes. That was not the case with the young girl helping us out. She was just twenty and though she checked out our site online to familiarize herself with the products she was more than a little shocked to see them in real life. She was surprised by how small the suits were and blown away by the cock shaped swimsuits, the Ass Spark anal plugs and how complicated many of the designs were though she was very interested and was asking a lot of questions about them. This collage girl was taking it all in like a big erotic learning session. Her jaw dropped when she saw me in the new One of the Girls bikini. Mouth wide open she said you have a vagina. That’s the point I said. It looks so real she said. She was truly blown away by the big clit and wanted to see what it felt like. Go ahead I said and her said it felt real. From that point it was one question after another. I had no idea there was anything like this she said and asked what type of men are into it. Again she was surprised to hear about how many straight guys wear them and how often women order them for their men. She actually seemed enlightened and was eager to be part of our next shoot in a few weeks featuring new cock cages, anal plugs and more.


Men’s swimwear

Photo shoot

Hallelujah we finished the photo shoot for all the new fall 2014 swim and fetish wear designs. The shoot went very well. We had a new and very nice looking very muscular 20 year old model from the Ukraine. Vlad took right to the designs and had no problems with even the wildest swimsuits. He is quite a bit different from most of our past models. He actually has body hair. All the hairless shots are me helping out and I had to end up doing the feminine style suits because at 20 years old he just could not get rid of his erection long enough to get them on. We had a beautiful young female helper/fluffer and every time she came near him he became hard as a rock. All the photos have been sent to Carlos our web designer and I hope he can get it done by early next week. I will keep you posted.

What’s going on at Koala

Yes I know I am a little behind on getting the new designs shot and online. The last couple of weeks have been difficult with my father being ill, family stuff trumps everything else. I am going to do the photo shoot early next week and then get all the new designs on the website within a few days after that. We have all the new designs in stock and I am very excited about getting them on a hot model.

This week has seemed like the second coming of summer. It has been hot as hell here and from what I see on the news it has been just beautiful throughout most of the country. This has been the busiest week of the summer and it is late August!

We still have some designs available from the August Newsletter Sale. If you can’t find the style listed or the size you need that means it is already out of stock.

Girl day at the beach


Well it was a girl day for me but maybe not what you are thinking. The beach was packed mid-day but I found a great spot while I was walking along the shore wearing my micro swimsuit under my short shorts. I did not walk very far maybe a third of a block but I passed two guys wearing total G-strings (they looked like Koala!) camped out right on the water and around tons of people. I was very proud of them but there were so many people around I needed a little more peace after a hectic week. On the beach I spotted a number of guys in bikinis and in a group of mid-twenties guys and girls playing volleyball two men wearing bikinis. It was very sexy. I picked out a nice fairly quiet for the time being spot and went right to relaxing. The second my towel was down the shorts came off and I was wearing my micro swimsuit. There were sets of large waves but they were breaking too close to the shore so I went in for a dip wearing just my little suit. There were pretty much only girls around me at the time which makes it that much easier to do. Once out and dripping wet I got back on my towel. Relaxing on my back with my knees bent so as not to get sand on my exposed legs I could see my pouch was almost none existent.  Knees being in the up position is something you see girls doing about ten times more than guys and the look is very feminine. I like to go with the feeling and just let myself enjoy it. Not five minutes later I hear a couple walking up and I hear the guy ask wear should we sit. Let’s sit next to her and a minute later their towels were right next to mine. As it turns out the girl in her mid-forties was wearing a very nice Brazilian bikini. Five minutes later a couple of girls were walking over and the same thing happened, let’s put our stuff near that girl. They set up on the other side of me. Both in their late teens or early twenties started giggling as they put their stuff down almost instantly realizing I was not a girl. I believe girls in micro swimsuits are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet and if I am being confused for one I find that a total turn-on.


Mens Swimwear

Busy beach time

Busy beach time

So many crazy things going on in my life but I found a few hours to hit the beach and suck in some of the best air on the planet. Fresh air right off the ocean does a great job of energizing me. The beach cleared up in the afternoon and by the time I got there it was very busy. I picked out a nice little spot with a handful of people but after an hour or so there even that spot was packed. No guys wearing anything sexy in my area but as it turned out I was surrounded by girls.


One beautiful lady right across from me had a bulge almost as big as mine! Either mine is extremely small which it is in my tiny pouch or her bulge was on the large side. She was very trim and was wearing a sexy bikini but my guess is she had some scrumptious meat in that package.

Two very cute young women about 18 or 19 literally set their towels two feet away from me looking right up between my legs. My take on this might be a little different than you would initially think. My thought is that they were just so at ease with their bodies and others that it completely did not matter that I was almost nude. They seemed to be totally relaxed about it. I’m sure they took a good look but they were just chilling and relaxing as was I.

I did have another funny thing happen. I walked to my car wearing just my tiny bikini and a tank. A very brave thing to do on such a busy dayJ  there was a lady who was walking along the beach and started to catch up with me. She looked extremely thin wearing a bikini top and shorts but with very strong legs, maybe a runner. She caught up with me looked me over and said you know I found these sunglasses while I was walking the other day and today I found twenty dollars which I am going to use to buy a bottle of wine. She than told me I should always be looking down when I walk on the beach and that there is a lot of stuff to find. Close up I could see she was completely anorexic, which in itself is a terrible thing. I wanted to suggest maybe food would be a better choice than wine but I knew that would not be helpful. She was not completely with it. She walked with me to my car and I told her to enjoy her wine.  She looked me up and down and asked if I wanted to join her. I have some friends to see but maybe next time. There is always something interesting happening at Venice.


Men’s Swimwear

Update on new designs


The latest update as of this morning has us looking at a mid to late August release. Our girls are doing their best but it has been slow going. I’m sorry it is taking so long but I am so excited about the new designs that I know it will be worth the wait. Speaking about waiting our entire beach going weekend was blown out by this crazy monsoon weather. Literally  no sun was out this weekend and I really was in the mood to show off my tiny bulge :-)