A pain in the ass and a surprise

This time I mean it! We were still have issues with www.koalaswim.com after I posted the last blog up-date to my surprise. We finally had to take the extreme measure of moving the site to a new hosting company. This has been a huge pain in the ass all week long but now the site is fully operational except for the individual search feature which will take another week or so to get going. The new hosting company has us on a much faster more powerful dedicated server which will make the pages load much faster. I want to thank everyone for putting up with these issues.  I am offering a special starting today and running through December 31, 2014. Order any three suits and we will include a FREE surprise suit with your order.

If you have any problems with the site loading you will need to refresh your system.

Website issues and new toys

We have had problems with the website the last few days but I believe they have been fixed as of this morning. If you placed an order no worries we received it but if you were having trouble looking at products on the site please try again it should be working fine. The new designs are coming along nicely but just not as fast as I would like. I’m told patience is a virtue one that I am working on.

I found a few very nice new cock rings we will be adding to our collection next month one that features a hinged design which makes it very easy for men new to cock rings to use along with a monster anal hook that features a bunch of metal balls to go up your ass which I can’t wait to try out!


Men’s swimwear


Most of my posts are all about men’s swimwear, fetish spandex, micro shorts, cock displays, being completely shaved and other things that for the most part have to do with what is going on at Koala. So before I get off on a different tangent let me make one announcement. We ran out of a bunch of the sale suits in the Koala newsletter sale that started earlier last week but today we received a bunch of suits from the girls and now virtually everything on sale is back in stock. Feel free to check out the newsletter and the sale items at this link:  Koala newsletter

On to other things of interest this has nothing to do with Koala at least at this point but everything to do with spandex. Most readers know my fetish for spandex goes back to when I was a kid seeing the girls wearing their cute leotards. I still love seeing the grown-up girls at the gym in their very cute little outfits. As it gets colder I am seeing more of them wearing tights and I must say it is a huge turn on. So much so that I ordered a pair the other day and I am planning to wear them with just a tank to the gym. Very few guys wear tights because they show off most everything. My tights will end up showing off everything. They came with a liner panel of spandex in the front to almost completely hide the penis which I think is a shame. The way they are constructed I found that I could have my girls put a slit in the panel so my cock is held between the front and rear layer of fabric. Wearing the tights now shows excellent detail. Now that you can see the shape of my shaft and balls I just need to get the balls to wear them to a work-out. I will let you know when I do it!




The December Koala Newsletter just came out today!!!

The Koala newsletter is out now!!! We sent the newsletter early so we could be part of the Black Friday madness. There are many never before offered on sale products along with lots of classic designs. We are only doing the newsletter every other month so make sure to get in on the fun. If you have a few minutes please answer some of the questions posed in the newsletter. The answers go right to me!!!!


More new styles we are working on

It is getting cold out our way and from the looks of it the rest of the USA too. We are always shipping swimwear all over the world but as it gets cold here a boys fancy turns to playing with his cock. We can help.

I have talked about this design on the blog and in the newsletter over the past year or so maybe longer. Designing a penis stretcher that can be used under shorts or pants turned out to be difficult to say the least and involved quite a bit of cock stretching on my part to get it right. Sometimes with so much tension it felt the girls were going to pull my shaft and balls right off of me. We needed to make sure it would work great with almost any tension our customers would want since I know some of you guys are hardcore cock and ball players. I know it will be a very popular item when it comes out with our next collection but it was such a pain in the ass, excuse me pain in the cock to get it right. I might have given up on the project if I had not promised to get one out to a very good customer who had urged me to get what he thought would be a fantastic addition to our line of penis stretchers. I knew he was right and we doubled our efforts and finally got it right. Not named yet it but I can tell you from experience that it works great offers a great shaft and ball stretch that can be used one at a time or both at the same time.


Men’s swimwear and so much more. We take care of cocks!


Dream pair of short shorts


One of the designs I tried on the other day was a pair of Ass Spark powered short shorts.  I was eager to create a pair of micro shorts that could use any of our Ass Spark combination butt plug cock ring designs to hold the rear and the front section of the shorts together. I wanted a pair that would show the metal rod between the legs and yet still be something you could wear out while doing your garden, going to the beach, shopping in the store and maybe even doing a workout. The new Penetration Shorts from our Fall 2014 collection have been an amazing success and with the different butt plug options the excitement of wearing shorts that keep a plug deep inside of you adds a whole new level of enjoyment. Adding a design that used an Ass Spark seemed to me to be a natural addition to our line and something I wanted badly to try myself. The new design was fantastic though we needed to make a change to the pouch so it would work more effectively with the cock ring. I liked them so much that I decided we should make them in a standard micro short length and an extra low cut pair. I can’t wait to try them on again next week!

Questions about colors and latest new design info


I had a customer contact us the other day saying he wants male transformation swimwear and fetish wear designs like One of the Girls, Party Girl and other vagina style designs to be available in pink and baby blue because the colors are more feminine. I would like to know what you boys and girls think of offering fem styles in those colors.

Speaking of male to female transformation I was trying on one of the latest version of our soon to be offered vagina style men’s micro shorts. These are hot little shorts that will come in standard short short size and a very low cut version. Both micro-short designs will show some cheek and both completely change your penis shape to that of a small tasty vagina with the lip shape showing through the fabric. It looked and felt wonderful on. They are extremely feminine. One of the girls who we were working with at the fitting this morning laughed and said you look like a nasty girl. I asked what she meant by that and three of the girls said something in Spanish to each other and they all laughed. She said you look like those girls who don’t wear panties with their shorts and you can see the shape of their vaginas. I chuckled and said that was exactly the point!

Another fitting and another beach day

Tuesday of this week I am scheduled to be fitted on more of the new swim and fetish wear designs for our next collection. I am most excited about trying on the new Ass Spark powered short shorts. We have been working on a pair that is held together in the crotch using any one of our Ass Spark offerings. The final design should be both visually stunning and erotically outrageous. Saturday was one of LA’s beautiful very late season beach days. It was in the high 70’s sunny and the water was warm. All unusual for this time of year but that is not to say with all the strange weather happening around the world that we won’t get a nice December beach day. There were a couple guys in Speedos two other guys I noticed in thongs a few in skin tight shorts but the bulk of the people out there were girls.  I was parked right by the water spread eagle so everyone strolling along the shore had a fantastic view of it all.

Going with a classic bikini


It cooled down quite a bit this weekend and we even had a little rain, very little but better than nothing at all. I went to the gym this morning and did a full workout with weights, cardio on the elliptical and decided after all that to swim some laps. I had a couple of the new shorts in my bag but in the corner of my bag I spotted one of our most classic designs, The Pleasure Chest. It is an amazingly sexy white design with rings on the side. The lines are just about as perfect as a bikini gets. It offers enough coverage so as not to get me in trouble and the only real issue is it is almost completely see through when wet . This is the case with most white swimsuits that are constructed without liners. The pool was not overly crowded so I figured why not. I changed in the locker room but threw on my shorts because the bikini is a little too revealing to wear walking out to the pool, once on I grabbed my towel and googles. The few minutes between taking a look out at the pool and changing into my suit brought in a bunch of people. Most were teenage girls who were literally gawking at me when I pulled my shorts off. I did laps for about a half an hour and talked to a couple friends who were doing the same. By that time the girls were in the Jacuzzi. I knew if I got out of the pool my bikini would be almost completely sheer so I waited a while to see if they were going to leave. Not going anywhere I decided to get out of the water quickly, grab my towel and head to the locker room. Everything went as planned until one of the girls whistled at me and the others turned to look.  By then I had my cock covered but my butt was exposed. They were just being teenage girls but the cat calls did embarrasses me a little. I think it bothered me because I was just not prepared for it, after all it was all in good fun and I don’t think they were trying to embarrass me. It’s funny how bikinis attract so much attention. I wear the Koala micro shorts in the pool all the time and I get plenty of compliments from guys and girls, sure there is the occasional homophobic fool that has a smart ass comment to make but that is the exception rather than the rule. Maybe they were starring because the suit was see-thru?


Men’s Swimwear

The pain and pleasure of men’s Swimwear and fetish wear

I spent all morning trying on new designs and as most of you know it is one of my favorite things to do at work. Today’s fitting went much better than the last time. Just about everything was great and the few that were not quite right were much closer to being perfect this time around. Most of the time it is a pleasure trying one our wild and very sexual designs but there are times of pain too. Everything was going great we were working on the cock style display shorts that have a built in penis shaped pouch. These shorts can be used with or without the cock pouch which opens some interesting options. The removable pouch was not fitting like I wanted it too which is like a second skin. The girls had made a few different styles and while trying them on I had to stay very hard the entire time. That was the easy part because the pouch itself is very form fitting and with the girls pulling it off and on multiple times and my cock being kept happy with some lotion it is and exercise in pleasure. The pain came in when we were working on the new penis stretcher. This is a design we have been trying to do for a number of years and one of our customers spurred me back into action. We off a number of very popular penis stretchers but we do not have one that works well under shorts. We have finally got it right and will be offering this unit that you can use on its own in the comfort of your home or under shorts and even pants. This unit offers amazing stretching capacity for the balls and the shaft. It gives you the option of stretching both the shaft and balls, just the balls or just the shaft. While the girls were getting me set up in it one of them forgot to put her finger under one of the shaft straps and pinched my poor shaft while she was tightening it. It hurt like hell for a second and left a red mark which went away later in the day. Please remember to always keep your finger under any adjustable strap whether it is on the balls, shaft or around the entire cock while tightening it. You finger should always be between the metal rings and your skin so it does not pinch. Between the pleasure and the pain it only took a few minutes of a lotion massage before I had an orgasm. The things we do for work:-)