Yoga and spandex shorts continued



I have been wearing these very lightweight and expensive running shorts from Japan. I needed something longer than the Koala micro shorts. Since these shorts are single ply spandex you can see the entire shape of my penis which during the intense workouts is extremely small, I would venture to say not much larger than most of the girl’s spandex bulges. It is mostly girls in my class and they are all warm and friendly.  I might try a yoga class in West Hollywood to see what they hip young boys are wearing. I can already see that there is a better way to make spandex yoga shorts for men (the Koala way) and that is something I am going to start on right away. I might even get a couple designs ready and introduced well before the summer collection. I would love your input.


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Yoga and spandex


I have started taking a Yoga class at a very busy studio in Los Angeles. I am very new to Yoga having tried it a few times but I have never been to classes like this that are geared for new students. A girl friend of mine said I would be much better off taking Yoga at a studio from a pro rather than at my gym at least until I know what I am doing. After taking two classes I think it might be a while until I get the movements down. I know it is not a completion and it is meant to be a hard but relaxing workout yet I am not used to being so bad at something :-)

Before I started the class I had decided to wear nothing but spandex. I know that most girls wear leggings, tights or spandex shorts and I wanted to do the same. There was nothing sexual about my choice just for the comfort.


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Summer like days, tights and new swimwear designs

Still getting surprise beach days in March. Last Saturday was a fluke. It was eighty degrees on the beach, no breeze and almost as hot as it gets in the middle of summer. This type of weather brings out lots of people and needless to say I was one of them. This time of year with all the collage games on TV most of the men seemed to be somewhere else but there were lots of girls and a number of thongs and G-strings. I was right in the mix wearing my micro suit I was. completely shaved and looking very summer like with my nice dark tan. The valley portion of Los Angeles near Koala is only about twenty miles inland from the beach and is much hotter most of the year. We had quite a few 70 s to 80s throughout February and I took advantage of some pool time.

Sample tights

I am beginning to think with the right tights you are as close to being nude in public, at the gym in front of all the guys and girls or just running in your neighborhood as is legally possible and still be fully covered . I have been ordering tights trying on different styles. I still have not found any that are close to what I am looking for. That said I gave my girls one of the pairs I liked and had them change the rear so it goes deeper between the cheeks. I should have that sample back any day. We are also in the process of making a couple samples of deep penetrating spandex leggings. I can’t wait to try them on!


The new collection is still on target for the end of this month I am keeping my fingers crossed and starting to look for new models.


Great news about Ass Spark powered short shorts.



Last week my post stated that we almost had these new amazing shorts perfected. I was with the girls this morning trying on the three samples they created and I could not have been happier and more excited by the results. Two of the samples were very similar with a bulge style pouch and one of the two was absolutely perfect. The third pair of shorts was another take on the original idea. This was my head pattern maker/designer that came up with this style and it was so exciting and in its own right perfect too. This design did not have the bulge pouch. It was a little less brash but still extreme, how could they not be when the short shorts have an Ass Spark holding them together between the legs. Even though the shorts are completely open between the legs with the exception of the metal bar running between the front and rear of the shorts you can wear these in public as long as you don’t go spread eagle! We decided right there and then to add the second pair to the collection we are working on. The bulge style will be offered in black and the flatter front pouch style will be in white. I believe most Koala clients will find them irresistible. The latest time update is the entire collection should be ready the end of March. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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New shorts with built in Ass Spark



First a reminder this is the last week for the sale suits. Please check out the e-mail at this link.  Koala Newsletter 

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We are almost there on the new Shorts that are open between the legs to expose the Ass Spark cock ring anal plug. The Ass Spark literally holds the shorts together. This pair was almost perfect but almost is not good enough and the girls decided that they wanted to try three more different takes on the same design. We all know that one of them will be perfect and lucky for me I enjoy all that penetration with an audience. There is nothing like loving hands guiding an Ass Spark deep inside of me to perk up my day.


Amazing beach weekend!


I hit the beach both days this weekend with Saturday being as hot as I can ever remember for this time of the year. It must have been about eighty on the sand. Saturday I went with a couple of girlfriends and I had on my little Streamline Micro. One of the girls had never been with me to the beach and  she could not believe how small my swimsuit was. She blushed when I pulled off my Flamingo shorts to expose my little bikini. What did she expect from a man wearing pink shorts anyway? Sunday was a little cooler and I decided to go on my own for an extremely peaceful afternoon. There was a wonderful breeze coming off the water and I decided to go ultra fem, I guess all the talk about Bruce Jenner has my feminine side all wound up. I picked the Party Girl Bikini which makes a man as fem as he can ever be. The front is very small and the lips just a little subdued. I was on my back the entire time since I did not want my tiny thong tan to be affected. I am quite sure I confused a lot of male joggers of which there was a constant stream coming by me. I have said this many times and Sunday was no different, these Fem style suits are total girl magnets. I ended up with girls on every side of me and one decided to go topless. My educated guess is a completely feminine man is interesting to look at and the girls obviously feel completely at ease around me.

Tights gone wild


I can’t believe how many e-mails I have had about tights. I’m sorry that I have not got back to each and every one of you but I will, I am working my way through all of them. I am also amazed that I have not been able to find any tights on the market that can be used at the gym and are designed to completely show off the ass. Most of the tights flatten your butt out, some show the shape of the butt but I have not found a pair that goes deep between the cheeks like they are having sex with you.  That is what I am looking for. The bulge is not an issue at all since if we end up making tights they will come in many bulge shapes and sizes. Our newest collection of suits is not going to be out by the end of February but most likely by the end of March. Some of the styles have proved very difficult to manufacture and when it comes to my girl’s perfection is the only acceptable outcome.


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New design Shorts with Ass Spark


I tried on the new Ass Spark powered micro shorts the other day and they gave me an additional surprise when using them with the Tear Drop Ass Spark. These are the new shorts that we have been working on and I had thought they were perfect but they are not quite there yet. We ended up not being in love with the bulge pouch. I had to try on the newest version and I decided to use the Tear Drop Ass Spark. I forgot that even though the Tear Drop shape is much easier for me to get in and out the design penetrates about 1.5” deeper than the standard Ass Spark. When fitted to these new shorts the Ass Spark is buried as deep into you has as possible. I am guessing that when this new collection hits the market these will end up being our best selling shorts. Very sexy low cut shorts with a very hot sculptured front pouch to handle your cock being forced forward by the Ass Spark. This style is one of my dream shorts they are open between the bottom of the cock and anus, the Taint for lack of a better word with the front and rear of the shorts held together by the Ass Spark.  I tried them on and we still have a little work left making the front pouch magical but the fit and feel of the rest of the design is orgasmic.  We took some photos to see how it looked from all angles and it was fantastic. The metal bar between the legs resting against the bare skin offset by the black fabric is like a work of modern art. I wanted to see how they looked if I was lying out on the beach and with legs open and found it would be quite a show but as far as I can tell completely legal. I was even able to be on my stomach with my legs closed so little of the metal was showing it looked like a bit of jewelry on the shorts. The surprise was how far up the shorts forced the Tear Drop Ass Spark. I was walking around dripping pre-cum and only seconds away from blowing a load. Strolling on the beach will never be the same with this design.



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