Micro Penis style swimsuit

Hi just checking in with you guys and I thought I would mention a new design that came to me in my dreams the other night and we are already working to bring it out in a couple months. It is based on our new product called the Micro Penis Maker and it will be a bulge style thong or bikini, not sure which yet. What I am sure about is it will be the worlds smallest penis style bulge design that highlights how incredibly small the Micro Penis Maker let’s you get. I can see the finished swimsuit in my minds eye.

I am back!

I am back!

Not that I ever left but since the pandemic we have been extremely short handed, and I have been working making sure everything gets shipped dare I say faster than ever and that we keep adding lots of awesome new swimwear styles more then we have in years along with more insane cock gear including building the largest selection of male chastity devices including our own line of the most insane micro cock cages and inverted cock cages. We have the largest selection of male chastity devices under one roof that you will find anywhere on the planet, we also have the largest selection of transformation style swimsuits you will find anywhere, and they are all our own exclusive designs. That was a mouthful, but I am happy to say that I will be able to get back to writing blog posts which I love to do, maybe not too many at first because I have a lot of employee retraining to do. Being a total micro manager, I want things done my way and this gives me a great chance to start from scratch teaching my awesome guys to be their most efficient selves.

I hope while I have been away you have noticed that we are offering more new designs and bringing them to the website faster than ever. It is so exciting for me to come up with designs I love to wear and be able to offer them to all you Koala boys without waiting forever. I hope you are already subscribing to the newsletter at koalaswim.com. We just sent the April issue out yesterday and will be resending it on the weekend. It features new suits including our first new neoprene suits in a few years. We introduced many new chastity cages and other fun gear.

Paddle boarding surprise

Ever since the pandemic hit, we have been extremely short staffed at Koalaswim.com. The rules here in Los Angeles as it applies to employees makes it difficult for me to do anything but work (that is if I want to get everything shipped on time which I do. My OCD at work) and that includes writing blog posts and getting to the beach to enjoy the summer. I have been able to sneak away in the afternoons here and there. One of my favorite things to do is go paddle boarding. For me it hits the mark for a lot of things I enjoy. I love being on the water, I love the breeze coming off the ocean, I enjoy the intense workout and most of all I can wear my skimpy suits. Now unlike the beach where you now see lots of guys in spandex shorts bikinis and thongs most of the men paddling are wearing baggy shorts nothing sexy. On the other hand, the ladies are wearing lots of sexy stuff. With so many girls in thongs and Brazilian cut bikinis it is like a wonderful ass show out there. All shapes and sizes. The ladies are not nearly as concerned about showing some skin as the men seem to be. Which brings me back to my paddle board travels. Whether I am wearing a tiny bikini and as you know all Koala bikinis are tiny or a pair of micro shorts, I am getting all sorts of attention. The other day I was wearing a pair of Deep Penetrating Micro Shorts working up quite a sweet paddling around the marina and out to the ocean. These shorts fit like a second skin and though my bulge is not big, you can clearly see the outline of my cock. Between all the people hanging out on their boats and all the other guys along with way more girls paddling and kayaking I stood out as the only guy wearing something hot. Between my body glistening from a hard workout, a fair amount of ass showing and a small but well shown bulge I received lots of smiles waves and a few boats loaded with ladies drinking hooting and hollering. If it were a bunch of guys doing the same to girl wearing a sexy suit it would not be socially acceptable but no problem when the shoes on the other foot. Lucky for me I like the attention.

Men’s Swimwear

Dancing, working and getting the new suits ready while playing it safe!

What a crazy time it has been. Like all of you I have never seen anything like this. I’m following all the rules. I’m still working but all the employees are safe at home. At work I am literally in total seclusion but still getting all the orders shipped every day working hard does help with my sanity. Making sure to get out and walk 5-10 miles a day and lift weights at home. Not seeing all your friends and family for me is the hardest part but I’m happy we are all social distancing for the good everyone. One thing I have added to my daily routine is a thirty minute session of disco dancing, it makes me happy and it seems I still have some moves after all these years, it works up quite a sweet too. I might just keep it when things get back to normal, whatever normal will be in the future.  We have been way past due getting the new suits out and I am happy to say they should be posted online in a couple days!

Keep safe and do the right thing.

Peace and Love

Michael David

One of the wildest devices ever!

Coming soon, maybe in the next day or two is one of the craziest, wildest and wickedest transformation devices you will ever have a chance to play with. Look for the introduction of The Mr.Vagina Pussy Maker at koalaswim.com. Talk about an aptly named product one that does exactly what its name implies. The question is are you ready to see what you would look like sans penis with a lusty beautiful vagina between your legs, one that is all you! I will guarantee you this is one extreme experience.

Which designs are best for sex?

I get this question all the time which suits are best for oral sex and which are best for sex in general.  We have been making penis display suits for many years and we have a number of designs that have been built for more than just displaying that handsome cock of yours. We have many designs that were created for the purpose of keeping your cock as large and hard as possible and for the longest amount of time. In addition we have designs that go a step further and control the tension on the balls. Ready to add to those feeling and we can dial in anal stretching along with full penetration via attached butt plugs or the vast choice of Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plugs that work directly with some of our penis display designs.  All of these designs increase the pleasure and efficiency for oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex or an awesome round of masturbation something everyone should do more of. Make sure to check out the designs under “Penis Displays” at Koalaswim.com

Checking in on a crazy world

Not that in the scheme of things this is all that important but even with this crazy virus going around we are still working at full speed and surprisingly enough it has stayed very busy. BTW I’m not taking this lightly since we do have a fairly big problem here in California. I have stopped going to the gym something I have not done in over 30 years and I am doing my weight lifting at the office, we have a bench and Bowflex dumbbells and I am spending a ridiculous amount of time on the treadmill, I’m writing this as I walk. We were all ready to do our photo shoot this coming week but I think it makes sense to put it off for another week or so to figure out what is really going on out there and see how serious of an issue it becomes. Because of the way our company is set up I do not see any change in the way we do business, we are still shipping orders M-F and sometimes Sunday too and because we are small and agile I believe we will be able to power through whatever happens though I hope like all of you that this whole thing doesn’t blow up into something awful.

What it is like to wear the an inverted style cock cage

We just added a bunch of new products the other day and we already know what the best of the best hottest new products are. The two new Munchkin Inverted cock cages the big winners. We knew that they would be popular with our type of customer, mostly men like me:-) but they have been insanely popular! That said we keep getting questions about how they work so I thought I would add a picture we took of the female model emasculating the male model. I think the photo says it all.

Munchkin Hard core

Munchkin Convertible

Copy of today’s koala newsletter

Read Message – la.twcbc.com

Update Newsletter, new products and a new type of male chastity device being introduced that has never been seen before…..Anywhere! Let’s start off the newsletter talking about new swimwear designs. We receive more phone calls and e-mails asking us when the new suits will be out. We love that there is so much interest and I am happy to be able to give a more exact figure today. All the new designs are now in stock and we are setting up a photo shoot which should take place in the next week to ten days. That is our timeline. Once the shoot is complete it will be just a few more days before the new styles are online and ready to ship. We have a whole slew of new cock, shaft and ball products along with a dab of anal gear. I can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s start with what I believe will be a quantum shift in male chastity device design.  There is a new sheriff in town and it goes by the name of Inverted chastity. There are actually two new inverted style cock cages and as far as we know this is an entirely new type of male chastity device dreamed up by the warped minds at Koala with the help of our equally warped customers, warped in a good way! Before I get into telling you about the cages I think I should offer you a primer about what we mean when we are talking about inverted chastity and yes it is most likely what your imagination is painting a picture of this very moment! These new male chastity micro cock cages actually force the shaft in and holds it inside of you creating not only the feeling of being completely caged as most chastity devices do but feeling like you are no longer a man. You are penetrated by this cage and in many ways treated like you have a vagina that is being fingered while being kept in check. I would venture that many men wearing this style cage will feel a sensation that there brain responds to as female. Personally I have been wearing this style cage for a number of weeks and after the initial transition to such a new feeling it is in fact totally comfortable.  New inverted Male Chastity Cages:Before you click on the link and take a look at these new game changers let me say that though they look very similar there are major differences. Instead of going over the differences here please make sure to read the descriptions of each one.  Make sure to take a look at the new plugged versions of the Castrate, Eunuch and Munchkin cock cages, like always we are taking denial to another level.Munchkin Inverted Plugged and Screwed Convertiblehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Munchkin-Inverted-Plugged-and-Screwed-Convertible_p_1059.html Munchkin Screwed Inverted and Plugged Hard Corehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Munchkin-Screwed-Inverted-and-Plugged-Hard-Core_p_1063.html  The new Cyclopean head rings are simply awesome. They are heavy and very substantial. Slip on a few of them with a standard head ring will make a superb cock stretcher and slide just one under the head of your cock to make it pop big time under your favorite spandex swimsuit, shorts or tights.There are many new male chastity cages including one we added just a few weeks ago called the Cellmate the world’s first remote controlled cock cage. The Cellmate has been selling extremely well and as of this newsletter we still have stock of both sizes. If you click on the link and we are out of stock they should be available again in a few weeks. Make sure to take a look at the Megg, short for Man Egg male chastity device which is a completely enclosed see through cage. I have experienced the new Ball Humbler control bar and I must say it’s a sissies dream come true! Munchkin Screwed and Plugged Micro Male Chastity Devisehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Munchkin-Screwed-and-Plugged-Micro-Male-Chastity-Devise_p_1060.html Megg Chastity Cagehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Megg-Chastity-Cage-_p_1057.html Cellmate “App Controlled” Male Chastity Devicehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Cellmate-“App-Controlled”-Male-Chastity-Device_p_1053.html Man Snatch Male Chastity Belthttps://www.koalaswim.com/Man-Snatch-Male-Chastity-Belt_p_1051.html Slutty Sissyhttps://www.koalaswim.com/Slutty-Sissy_p_1058.html Castrate Plugged Micro Male Chastity Devisehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Castrate-Plugged-Micro-Male-Chastity-Devise_p_1061.html Eunuch Screwed and Pluggedhttps://www.koalaswim.com/Eunuch-Screwed-and-Plugged_p_1062.html Monster Butt Grommethttps://www.koalaswim.com/Monster-Butt-Grommet_p_1065.html Ball Humblerhttps://www.koalaswim.com/Ball-Humbler_p_1067.html Cyclopean Massive Head/Glans Ringhttps://www.koalaswim.com/Cyclopean-Massive-HeadGlans-Ring_p_1054.html Cyclopean Rainbow head Ringhttps://www.koalaswim.com/Cyclopean-Rainbow-HeadGlans-Ring_p_1055.html Whore Boy Jaws Male Chastity Cagehttps://www.koalaswim.com/Whore-Boy-Jaws-Male-Chastity-Cage_p_1056.html

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