We are in for another heat wave.



When it gets hot at the beach it generally gets hot with the beach crowd. I love seeing all the people wearing so little clothing. I know the girls are better at it than the boys but I will be out there doing my share trying to wear the smallest suit, man or woman of anyone in Southern California. I would love to know other guys are doing the same. Let’s make the last weekend of August the most micro weekend of the year. Let’s give those hot girls wearing next to nothing a run for the money. Pick one of your favorite Koala swimsuits and hit the beach. I would love to see a big turnout at MDR in SoCal but no matter where you are if the weather is nice make sure to take advantage of it and go as micro as you dare!




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5 thoughts on “We are in for another heat wave.”

  1. Summer’s almost over! Y U no put up new m2f suits yet? You said girls were working hard on making new suits and they should be ready by now. Would be great for ur micro suit challenge.

    I plan to tan in my backyard wearing my Clever Girl thong this weekend.

  2. Good afternoon Mr. David. My wife and I would love it
    If you would bring back a suit called Rare Meat. This suit was available in white with a snap adjustable c ring. This would be
    a great addition to your cock display suits. I remember it in
    the catalog when you came out with your PSST style suits those
    we’re great to by the way. I’ve literally worn mine out . I’d like
    to see it in bright yellow would look great with a tan or bright

    1. I will look for a Rare Meat to refresh my memory.
      We still have a lot of suits with PSST.


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