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It’s fixed and it’s better than ever!

It’s fixed and it’s better than ever!

Sorry about this last weekend I know a lot of people had issues trying to place orders with their credit cards not being accepted. Our shopping cart is by Big Commerce one of the largest and most secure providers in the market place. We were updating to their newest fastest checkout page and some of our credit card processing did not move with it. That is all fixed now and everything is working great, faster and easier than ever! We have also added the Amazon Pay option (Hooray!) for all you  400,000,000 Amazon users out there. I have used Amazon Pay to checkout on many others sites and thought it was awesome. We are extremely excited to now have this option at Koalaswim.com

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All the guys must be watching the NFL on Sunday because it seemed like it was only me and tons of girls at the beach where it was close to 90 degrees out. Lots of thongs and lots of Brazilian style bikinis on some very large and lovely rears. I actually was one of them choosing to wear a Brazilian style bikini, but of course a micro, micro front.

Girl day at the beach


Well it was a girl day for me but maybe not what you are thinking. The beach was packed mid-day but I found a great spot while I was walking along the shore wearing my micro swimsuit under my short shorts. I did not walk very far maybe a third of a block but I passed two guys wearing total G-strings (they looked like Koala!) camped out right on the water and around tons of people. I was very proud of them but there were so many people around I needed a little more peace after a hectic week. On the beach I spotted a number of guys in bikinis and in a group of mid-twenties guys and girls playing volleyball two men wearing bikinis. It was very sexy. I picked out a nice fairly quiet for the time being spot and went right to relaxing. The second my towel was down the shorts came off and I was wearing my micro swimsuit. There were sets of large waves but they were breaking too close to the shore so I went in for a dip wearing just my little suit. There were pretty much only girls around me at the time which makes it that much easier to do. Once out and dripping wet I got back on my towel. Relaxing on my back with my knees bent so as not to get sand on my exposed legs I could see my pouch was almost none existent.  Knees being in the up position is something you see girls doing about ten times more than guys and the look is very feminine. I like to go with the feeling and just let myself enjoy it. Not five minutes later I hear a couple walking up and I hear the guy ask wear should we sit. Let’s sit next to her and a minute later their towels were right next to mine. As it turns out the girl in her mid-forties was wearing a very nice Brazilian bikini. Five minutes later a couple of girls were walking over and the same thing happened, let’s put our stuff near that girl. They set up on the other side of me. Both in their late teens or early twenties started giggling as they put their stuff down almost instantly realizing I was not a girl. I believe girls in micro swimsuits are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet and if I am being confused for one I find that a total turn-on.


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Beach twins and tiny bikinis


Saturday and Sunday were fantastic beach days. Saturday I was joined by a couple friends and we all ended up sleeping the day away on the beach. I guess we all needed a recharge and I can’t think of a more perfect place than the ocean to get it. Sunday was also too good to pass up. I met a friend down there and we both were wearing very small suits. He had on a Koala G-string and I had on my micro bikini. This is the Streamline suit that I tan in wearing it as a thong but I can also use it as the most minimal Brazilian cut bikini if I decide to go in the water. There were more girls in tiny suits than men but there were a handful of guys in micros. I had a pair of Deep Penetrating shorts with me and I slipped those on to go in the water and do some bodysurfing. I really like the amount of cheek displayed in these very tiny short shorts. Later in the day a group of beautiful dark women walked by us on way to picking a spot which turned out to be thirty feet away right in front of us. Three of them were wearing beautiful Brazilian bikinis with most of their very lovely asses showing. After all these years of seeing beautiful women it is still a thrill to see the ones so confident in their bodies that they walk from the car to the water at least a couple blocks just wearing their suits. No cover ups on and yes I wish I could bring myself to do that all the time instead of once in a while.  The girls were in their late 20s early 30s and when I noticed one just standing by the water looking out at the sea and being a total vision of beauty I had to at least say hi. I told my friend I was going into the water and as I started walking away he asked if I as putting on my shorts. No if they can do it I can. I walked right by her into the water. By then she was ankle deep and as I looked over she was smiling. My suit was smaller than hers but not by much and if they were the same color we might have been twins with both our full round butts almost completely exposed. I was as dark as she was.  I said hello and realized instantly by the accent she and most likely her lovely friends were all Brazilian. We talked a little and she was as sweet as she was lovely. She had asked me if I was from Brazil. Beautiful girls for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


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