Great beach day’s lots of thongs


I spent a few hours Saturday and most of the day Sunday with friends at the beach.  There were not that many men this weekend at least in my general area. I saw a couple guys in bikinis and one in a G-string. On the female side there were more thong’s than I have seen in a while in fact they even out-numbered Brazilian style bikinis. The trend this summer seems to be much more exposed cheer than just last year. I had on a bright yellow Sunburst micro bikini, the girls had on string bikinis but I could not talk my male friend out of taking his shorts off for something much smaller. We wear the same size and I had extra suits but he was just too shy to wear one. I wish I could figure out that mindset. With all the girls running around on the beach wearing so little why can’t we men get it together? I would like to hear how you got over wearing your micro swimsuit in public or if you are still too shy?


Men’s swimwear

5 thoughts on “Great beach day’s lots of thongs”

  1. I wear micros all the time nothing but them iam not shy i have sent you picks in the past Thx for the best hot suites ever

  2. I had to go straight to the gay area of my local nude beach. Its called wreck beach in Vancouver, if you ever come up-Id love to share a beach towel with you, I really haven’t made it out much this year and desperately need some color.

    Sounds like a great offer:-)

  3. Unfortunately I live in Iowa. Men’s running shorts are considered too radical here. Even girls wearing suit bottoms that show a little cheek is too much. This place sucks. I love your stuff though! Can’t wait for the new releases!

    I hope you go on vacations where you can show some ass!

  4. Glad you are feeling better!

    When are the new designs going to be out? Will we get a preview???

    Here are some ideas:
    Work That Cock bikini with a G string rear that has a cute triangle at the top of the butt – love that baby blue color.

    Bald Eagle Brazilian with a g string rear and a triangle at the top of the butt in a mint green.
    Stroked Bikini with a g string rear

    Taste Me with a masculine waist chain attached.

    You know I want to feel some Koala satin against my puss and butt!!!

    Kisses, Lizzy

    Great ideas!!!

  5. Also, how about the Troublemaker in a wine color with a g string butt.

    The Adrenaline Rush in baby blue or a mint green. I love the shiny pink, it looks sooo shiny, but my BF refuses to wear pink even when it is only us, or maybe our GF with us.

    That pink would be so mouthwatering in a girls suit!

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