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I had an appointment near the beach yesterday mid-day and decided instead of taking a lunch break I would go down to the beach to take a run along with doing some yoga stretching if it was nice out.  It was not something I planned out but since I was down there I thought I would take a look and see how the beach was. It was sunny and 69 what a great number. Warm enough to get bit of sun after a nice two mile run. There were a handful of people on the beach but for the most part just surfers, runners and walkers. I felt like going sexy wearing my Sassy Boy Shorts. I looked through my bag and found the shorts but next to them was a beautiful matt black bikini. This turned out to be a sample suit from the upcoming collection called Spicy Girl. With a Koala full back exposing only about 25% cheek (as full a back as we make) and the front a total feminine conversion. The Spicy Girl is a complete male to female transformation design that shows off nothing but a tiny little set of very feminine lips. I had a tight fitting spandex Under Armour top in black and thought it would look great with the bikini bottom and it would keep me warm enough.  The question was am I ready to do a total fem run in just this tiny bikini, spandex top and nothing else. A commitment to run two miles with lots of people seeing my bare legs, little bit of ass, semi ripped upper body and my totally visible vagina. I decided I was ready!


Men’s Swimwear



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  1. I have searched the best I can through all the different styles and am making a list to purchase. What I can’t find anywhere is a style that forces the balls up into the canals and holds them there but allows the cock to fall free through a hole (with our without a cock ring). Or with the option of having the cock covered like some of your designs. So it would basically create the look of a Eunuch. Many transgender girls have been castrated and their ball sacks removed or tightened up. That is the look I am seeking.

    1. We have so many design like that. All the Secret Wish Style suits, Pussy Boy and you might look at the Speck Bulge suits which force the balls up inside of you.

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