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Boogie board fun part two


It looked as though they were trying to get a few people out of a strong rip tide that had pulled them all out into the path of these very large waves, never a good thing. I walked out to the water as did many others had to watch. The way it all went down looked like it was being filmed for a movie. The lifeguards did a fantastic job of getting them all out within minutes all safe and able to walk out on their own. One of them was the happy girl with the boogie board. She walked right over to where I was standing all flushed and flustered. I asked if she was OK and what had happened. She was all excited to have been rescued. I can take having an ocean rescue off my bucket list she proudly stated. That is a great way to look at it but weren’t you scared. Oh I was scared as can be and then proceeded to give me a blow by blow account of what happened. I agreed that it must of been both scary and at the same time exciting. My next question what was she was doing out there? I have never tried boogie boarding, I’m from Pasadena and it was so hot today I figured the beach was the best place to be. The beach is the only place to be in this heat but you sure picked the wrong day to try learning how to boogie board. The waves are way too large to learn on but you can practice in the white water. I explained the best way to do it and even took her board out to catch a smaller set ridding in a few waves and just about losing my thong every other minute in the rough whitewater. She had a tough time keeping her bikini bottoms and top on making adjustments every time the water hit her. We talked for a while traded names and I told her that I would be happy to meet -up with her and help her learn to ride the waves on a day when they were much smaller. She thanked me and said that sounded great. It’s funny how different girls are then guys. Most guys would say something about my extremely small swimsuit and though she peeked down at it a number of times she had nothing but her beautiful smile for me.


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