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I love this look!

IMG_9325 IMG_9326One of our upcoming new designs from the 2016 collection is a total fem look male to female transformation bikini. This one is all pretty and sexy in our matt black rubberized feel fabric. I love this fabric as do many Koala customers and I was jazzed to see that it was a great fit with this male feminine design. I have included a photo of me trying it on. This is a very cute suit and I can’t wait to take a stroll on the beach wearing one. I think it is going to turn some heads!



Men’s swimwear


First time trying on male to female transformation swimwear


With all the stories in the news right now about male to female transformation aren’t you at least a little interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Most of what you read is about men who feel they are living in the wrong body which is a tragic thing but it is wonderful that it is being discussed so openly now and though it is a huge undertaking changes can be made and complete transitions are becoming more common place. Not every man who feels he was meant to be a women wants a to go through a complete male to female transformation that is why we offer so many extremely realistic and popular transformation designs. We also market our designs to men who do not completely identify with male or female and many men who identify as men but are interested in tasting and playing their femininity, this is the group I fall into myself and I do enjoy the thrill of my inner feminine. For all of you who are thinking of experimenting I ay you only live once and you might as well experience as many interesting things as you can. Be brave be yourself.


Men’s swimwear, transformation designs

Questions about colors and latest new design info


I had a customer contact us the other day saying he wants male transformation swimwear and fetish wear designs like One of the Girls, Party Girl and other vagina style designs to be available in pink and baby blue because the colors are more feminine. I would like to know what you boys and girls think of offering fem styles in those colors.

Speaking of male to female transformation I was trying on one of the latest version of our soon to be offered vagina style men’s micro shorts. These are hot little shorts that will come in standard short short size and a very low cut version. Both micro-short designs will show some cheek and both completely change your penis shape to that of a small tasty vagina with the lip shape showing through the fabric. It looked and felt wonderful on. They are extremely feminine. One of the girls who we were working with at the fitting this morning laughed and said you look like a nasty girl. I asked what she meant by that and three of the girls said something in Spanish to each other and they all laughed. She said you look like those girls who don’t wear panties with their shorts and you can see the shape of their vaginas. I chuckled and said that was exactly the point!